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1. In the process editor, highlight the final Assign Value item and click Add Step. Select Check Condition and type Determine Lead Action in the step description. 2. Click the <condition> (click to configure) link. In the Specify Condition dialog box, create the condition shown in the image on the following page, and then click Save and Close.
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And here are the performance measures I got for this query: Logical reads: 9 CPU time: 0 ms Elapsed time: 47 ms Estimated subtree cost: 0.008086 Again, this is a trivial plan. And also here, the performance of the ordered partial scan will vary depending on the fragmentation level of the index. As you can see, the cost of the query dropped from 19.621100 in the lowest level in the scale to 0.008086, and the elapsed time from more than
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Just as the Point A and Point B slides are good places to ask questions and prompt dialog, other good places to do that are just before the second and third Key Point slides. To plan for audience interaction at these points, go to Slide Sorter view after you sketch your Key Point slides, select Key Point 1, and then click Ctrl+D to duplicate the slide. Drag the duplicate Key Point 1 slide to just before the Key Point 2 slide. Now select Key Point 2, duplicate it, and drag the duplicate to just before Key Point 3. After you present the Explanation and Detail slides that follow Key Point 1, you ll see the Key Point 1 slide again, and there you ll pause to ask for questions. When you ve nished, advance to the Key Point 2 slide. Pause again after the Key Point 2 slide, and then advance to Key Point 3. You also might choose to duplicate these slides in 8, after you ve added graphics to visually reinforce the Key Point slides at the end of the rst and second Act II scenes.
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10, Data Binding, looks at making a round-trip to the database to gather data suitable to bind to a control . The previous chapter looks at maintaining data between requests by using the Session object . The Session object holds any serializable .NET CLR object even a DataReader . However, it s not a good idea to hold on to a DataReader for long periods of time because that means holding a connection open . Having too many open connections ultimately slows your site to a crawl . A better approach is to make single roundtrips to the database and hold on to a DataTable or a DataSet . In addition to fetching them from databases, you can synthesize a DataTable programmatically . Doing so involves constructing a DataTable and adding DataRows to describe the schema . After constructing a DataTable, you can use it to create columns with the correct shape, populate them, and then add them to the table s columns collection . Listing 15-2 shows an example of creating a DataTable in memory . (Note that you also saw basic table creation in Listing 15-1 and in the previous chapter, but I didn t call your attention to
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Note that these examples use sessionStorage, but the same functions can be used for localStorage. The syntax to use sessionStorage and localStorage is identical. The only difference are the rules for data persistence that we mentioned above. Also, you can use sessionStorage.length to determine how many keys are stored in your local data store like this: numKeys = session.storage.length; Additionally, you can access a key based on a numeric index like this:
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You need to store state data that is accessible to any user who connects to your web application and ensure that it stays in memory. Which collection object should you use
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Your Windows Server 2003 Active Directory domain has two servers running Windows Server 2003 that access the Internet. ServerA is configured as a router and provides Basic Firewall and NAT services. ServerB is a VPN server. Your client PC running Windows XP Professional has the Windows Server 2003 Administration Tools Pack installed. ServerB has to come offline for maintenance. You want to send messages to this effect to all VPN clients. You open a blank console on your client PC and add the Routing And Remote Access snap-in. You expand the Routing And Remote Access container. What do you do next A. Right-click ServerA and select Messages. In the Message dialog box, select Send To All. B. Expand ServerA. Right-click the Remote Access Clients container, and select Send To All. C. Right-click ServerB and select Messages. In the Message dialog box, select Send To All. D. Expand ServerB. Right-click the Remote Access Clients container, and select Send To All.
Configuring and Managing Remote Access
5 Composite Controls
A. Incorrect: The DataTextField is used to set the data displayed to the user. This would
Right-click the printer you want to share and select Properties. On the Sharing tab, click Change Sharing Options. Select Share This Printer and select the check boxes for Render Print Jobs On Client Computers and List In The Directory. Click the General tab. In the Location text box, enter a description of the printer s location. Add additional notes in the Comment section. Click Apply. On the Windows SBS Console navigation bar, click Network and then click Devices. The printer will appear in the Printers list.
WSE was written as an add-on product to the .NET Framework and provides developers with an easy solution for securing web services. It is based on standards and hence will usually work across platforms. If you need to create secure XML web services, WSE 3.0 is a preferred solution. For more details, go to http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library /ms977317.aspx.
Note The exact file and directory structure might vary on your system depending on what version of Rails
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