Writing a Custom XML Reader in visual basic

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InitializeEnd ToEndIteration
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Libraries Libraries come in various formats, including:
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The chronic library makes it easy to convert dates and times written in almost any format into dates and times that Ruby recognizes correctly internally. It accepts strings such as 'tomorrow' and 'last tuesday 5pm', and turns them into valid Time objects.
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For each XML Web service method, three methods are automatically created in the proxy class, as described in Table 19-7.
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Organizing Your Contacts
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List of Sample Files
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C ha p ter 12 tYING I t t OG e t h e r : D e V e LO p I N G a La r G e r r U B Y a p p LI C a t I O N
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The companion CD for this book provides the Basic version of the BBP Storyboard Formatter, which includes the custom layouts you need to format your slides for sketching your storyboard there are more advanced formatters available at www.beyondbulletpoints.com. If you choose to not use a storyboard formatter at all, follow the steps in the section Tip 5: Apply Slide Backgrounds Manually at the end of this chapter.
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Page 8
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Part V
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your source code. Therefore, it s essential to provide user-friendly output from your programs. You ll go back to using numbers for this example: x = 10 y = 20 puts "#{x} + #{y} = #{x + y}"
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Passwords and authentication is a complicated and very interesting area. It underlies so much of what we do in all other areas of security. While you do not have to be an expert on authentication to manage Windows servers, you must have enough of an understanding of the basic concepts to make intelligent decisions about authentication. If you have ever dealt with consultants or auditors you have probably run into one of the few, but far too many, who do not understand passwords and authentication, but yet make requirements regarding how they should be managed. More than one network has been either destroyed directly by these changes, or hacked afterward because the changes were ineffective against the relevant attacks. Only by understanding enough about how authentication works can you make reasoned decisions about how to protect the keys to the kingdom the authenticators used to access your network.
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