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And here is the code that loads the image from a URL when the page loads:
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7 . . Update the _Default class to support switching modes . Visual Studio added a WebPartManager to the page . Update the Page_Init method to attach an event handler to the page s InitializationComplete event . In the InitializationComplete handler, get the current WebPartManager and stash the reference in the WebPartManager1 member, as shown in the following code .
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If you want to get a quick sense of the different elements in your document, right-click the status bar of the Office Word 2007 window. A pop-up menu appears and shows various items, including the number of lines, columns, and sections; the status of features such as signatures, permissions, and track changes; and input and display options.
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// Return from Main. IL_0039: ret } // end of method App::Main
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A. Incorrect: This method does not send output to the browser. B. Incorrect: This method does not send output to the browser. c. Incorrect: This method does not send output to the browser. D. Correct: The Render method must be overridden, and you must provide code to display
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RRAS can now enforce NAP requirements on incoming VPN connections. For more information, see Network Access Protection later in this chapter.
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State Properties
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The following code invokes the ImpCast function a million times in a loop, running for 17 seconds on my system:
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Lesson 2: Exploring Specialized Server Controls
Appendix C
Table 8-3
When passing an array as an argument to a method, you are really passing a reference to that array . Therefore, the called method is able to modify the elements in the array . If you don t want to allow this, you must make a copy of the array and pass the copy into the method . Note that the Array.Copy method performs a shallow copy, and therefore, if the array s elements are reference types, the new array refers to the already existing objects . Similarly, some methods return a reference to an array . If the method constructs and initializes the array, returning a reference to the array is fine . But if the method wants to return a reference to an internal array maintained by a field, you must decide if you want the method s caller to have direct access to this array and its elements . If you do, just return the array s reference . But most often, you won t want the method s caller to have such access, so the method should construct a new array and call Array.Copy, returning a reference to the new array . Again, be aware that Array.Copy makes a shallow copy of the original array . If you define a method that returns a reference to an array, and if that array has no elements in it, your method can return either null or a reference to an array with zero elements in it . When you re implementing this kind of method, Microsoft strongly recommends that you implement the method by having it return a zero-length array because doing so simplifies the code that a developer calling the method must write . For example, this easy-to-understand code runs correctly even if there are no appointments to iterate over:
In ASP.NET 1.x, image generation and manipulation are possible, but the implementation costs are shifted to the programmer. By writing some code, you can reference dynamically generated images in your ASP.NET pages and display bytes stored in disk files, database fields, and memory. Whatever the source of the bytes, you can link an image to a page only through a URL-based <img> tag. If the image has to be dynamically generated (e.g., fetched from a database), you must reference it through an ad hoc HTTP handler or a page. The following code snippet shows the typical way of retrieving database images in ASP.NET 1.x:
ALTER PROC dbo.TestCaching AS CREATE TABLE #T1(n INT, filler CHAR(2000)); CREATE UNIQUE INDEX idx1 ON #T1(n); INSERT INTO #T1 VALUES (1, 'a'), (2, 'a'), (3, 'a'); GO
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