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Properties and Methods Common to All MemberInfo-Derived Types
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You work with the Cache object as you would with Session or similar objects. You can assign items directly to the cache by giving them a name (key) and assigning them an object (value). You retrieve objects from the cache by checking for the key. Always verify that an item is not null. If a value is null, that value either hasn t been cached or it has expired from the cache. If an item is null, you should retrieve it from the original source and, in most cases, place it into the cache. The following code sample demonstrates how to cache and retrieve a String object with the Cache collection.
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Set(ByVal Value As String) _labelStyle = Value End Set End Property Property [LabelLocation]() As LabelLocation Get Return _labelLocation End Get
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You can see how this appears in Figure 8-4. This new feature makes the development of internationalized applications in Silverlight very straightforward.
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Imports System.Web.Services Imports System.Data.SqlClient
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Table 8-2: Exception Break Status Status Enabled Disabled Description When the exception occurs, execution occurs and the target will break into the debugger. The first time the exception occurs, the debugger will ignore it. The second time it occurs, execution will halt and the target will break into the debugger. When the exception occurs, it won't break into the debugger. However, a message informing the user of this exception will be displayed. When the exception occurs, the debugger will ignore it. No message will be displayed.
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Often, String objects are used to contain sensitive data such as a user s password or creditcard information . Unfortunately, String objects contain an array of characters in memory, and if some unsafe or unmanaged code is allowed to execute, the unsafe/unmanaged code could snoop around the process s address space, locate the string containing the sensitive information, and use this data in an unauthorized way . Even if the String object is used for just a short time and then garbage collected, the CLR might not immediately reuse the String object s memory (especially if the String object was in an older generation), leaving the String s characters in the process s memory, where the information could be compromised . In addition, since strings are immutable, as you manipulate them, the old copies linger in memory and you end up with different versions of the string scattered all over memory . Some governmental departments have stringent security requirements that require very specific security guarantees . To meet these requirements, Microsoft added a more secure string class to the FCL: System.Security.SecureString . When you construct a SecureString object, it internally allocates a block of unmanaged memory that contains an array of characters . Unmanaged memory is used so that the garbage collector isn t aware of it . These string s characters are encrypted, protecting the sensitive information from any malicious unsafe/unmanaged code . You can append, insert, remove, or set a character in the secure string by using any of these methods: AppendChar, InsertAt, RemoveAt, and SetAt . Whenever you call any of these methods, internally, the method decrypts the characters, performs the operation in place, and then re-encrypts the characters . This means that the characters are in an unencrypted state for a very short period of time . This also means that
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Because hashes and arrays can contain other objects, it s possible to create complex structures of data. Here s a basic example of a hash containing other hashes (and another hash containing an array at one point): people = { 'fred' => { 'name' => 'Fred Elliott', 'age' => 63, 'gender' => 'male', 'favorite painters' => ['Monet', 'Constable', 'Da Vinci'] }, 'janet' => { 'name' => 'Janet S Porter', 'age' => 55, 'gender' => 'female' } } puts people['fred']['age'] puts people['janet']['gender'] puts people['janet'].inspect
Figure 2-1 The user interface includes command tabs and command sets that relate to a specific aspect of your project.
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with a domain controller using a secure RPC channel. IAS performs authorization of the connection attempt through the dial-in properties of the user account and remote access policies configured on the IAS server.
public static String Concat(Object arg0, Object arg1, Object arg2);
To ensure that the data received is the same data that is sent To determine exactly who sent and received the message
Figure 7-9. Testing the Silverlight Navigation Application Template View 2 23. Notice that you can press the browser s back button to navigate backward in history from View 2, to View 1, and back to the default.
} while ( ( FALSE == bRet ) && ( dwAnsiSize > 20 ) ) ; if ( TRUE == bRet ) { MultiByteToWideChar ( CP_THREAD_ACP 0 szAnsiName -1 szDLLName MAX_PATH } } } } if ( _T ( '\0' ) == szDLLName[ 0 ] ) { // This DLL has some issues. Try to read it with // GetModuleHandleEx. While you'd think this would work for all // it only seems to work if the module can't be retrieved by 168 , , , , , ) ;
Classes that override the InitializeLifetimeService method must call the base class implementation to create the lease; the resulting ILease can be used to modify the properties of the lease. For remote objects that should never expire, override the InitializeLifetimeService method to return null. Alternatively, setting the value of the InitialLeaseTime lease property to TimeSpan.Zero has the same result.
The XmlTextReader.Prefix property returns the namespace prefix of the current node, or String.Empty if it doesn't have one.
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