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To prepare a location for custom security templates and add it to the console 1. In Windows Explorer, create a new folder named Custom Templates. 2. Open the Security Configuration Management console. 3. Right-click Security Templates, and from the shortcut menu select New Template Search Path. 4. Select the Custom Templates folder and click OK.
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User accounts
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1. Click Start, click Run, and type certtmpl.msc to open Certificate Templates. 2. In the details pane, click the User Template. 3. On the Action menu, click Duplicate Template.
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Publishing Lists with Formulas
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Note Only part of this query s WHERE clause is supported by the spatial index . However, the
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SitePoint Ruby forum ( f=227): A Ruby forum provided by the SitePoint webmaster resources site. Unlike with Rails Forum, all posts to the SitePoint Ruby forum are within a single category, making it easier to scan through.
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C# IRegionManager regionManager = ...; regionManager.RequestNavigate("MainRegion", new Uri("InboxView", UriKind.Relative));
25.3 Kinds of Fat and Molasses
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Fixnum The number 2 is an object of the Fixnum class. This means that all Ruby has to do is implement the logic and code for adding numbers together in the Fixnum class, much like you created the bark method for your Dog class, and then Ruby will know how to add any two numbers together! Better than that, though, is that you can then add your own methods to the Fixnum class and process numbers in any way you see fit.
Nslookup is a command-line tool that allows you to query and troubleshoot DNS servers. The DNS Events log records errors with the DNS Server service component of the Windows Server 2003 operating system. The DNS Server service maintains a debug log in a file named Dns.log that is stored in the \WINDOWS\System32\Dns\ folder. Replication Monitor is a graphical tool that allows you to monitor and troubleshoot Active Directory replication. You can use Replication Monitor to force Active Directory integrated zone replication and to search the domain for replication errors. System Monitor allows you to monitor real-time performance statistics. The DNS performance object in System Monitor includes 62 counters.
Useful Ruby Libraries and Gems . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 495
4: Lesson Review Answers
namespace CompanyA { public class Phone { public void Dial() { Console.WriteLine("Phone.Dial"); // Do work to dial the phone here. } } }
Before delving into index access methods, you need to familiarize yourself with table and index structures. This section will describe pages and extents, heaps, clustered indexes, and nonclustered indexes.
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