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Development Code 3 of 9 in .NET Designing a Type That Defines Lots of Events

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Print Server For Macintosh A service that enables Macintosh clients to send and spool documents to printers attached to a computer running Windows NT Server; Windows 2000 Server; or an operating system in the Windows Server 2003 family, excluding 64-bit editions and Windows Server 2003 Web Edition, and that enables clients to send documents to printers anywhere on an AppleTalk network. Also known as MacPrint. private key The secret half of a cryptographic key pair that is used with a public key algorithm. Private keys are typically used to decrypt a symmetric session key, dig itally sign data, or decrypt data that has been encrypted with the corresponding public key. process The virtual address space and the control information necessary for the exe cution of a program. process identifier (PID) A numerical identifier that uniquely distinguishes a process while it runs. Use Task Manager to view PIDs. protocol A set of rules and conventions for sending information over a network. These rules govern the content, format, timing, sequencing, and error control of messages exchanged among network devices. protocol parser A dynamic-link library (DLL) that enables Network Monitor to iden tify the protocols used to send a frame onto the network. proxy server A firewall component that manages Internet traffic to and from a local area network (LAN) and that can provide other features, such as document cach ing and access control. A proxy server can improve performance by supplying fre quently requested data, such as a popular Web page, and it can filter and discard requests that the owner does not consider appropriate, such as requests for unau thorized access to proprietary files. public key The nonsecret half of a cryptographic key pair that is used with a public key algorithm. Public keys are typically used when encrypting a session key, ver ifying a digital signature, or encrypting data that can only be decrypted with the corresponding private key. public key encryption A method of encryption that uses two encryption keys that are mathematically related. One key is called the private key and is kept confiden tial. The other is called the public key and is freely given out to all potential cor respondents. In a typical scenario, a sender uses the receiver s public key to encrypt a message. Only the receiver has the related private key to decrypt the message. The complexity of the relationship between the public key and the pri vate key means that, provided the keys are long enough, it is computationally infeasible to determine one from the other. Also called asymmetric encryption.
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Part I Overview and Configuration
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FigURE 8-25 Web Setup Projects use a setup wizard to install a website.
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System.String.Format System.Text.StringBuilder.AppendFormat System.Console.WriteLine and System.Console.Write
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AssignPrimaryToken SeAudit SeBackup SeChangeNotify SeCreateGlobal SeCreatePagefile SeCreatePermanent SeCreateSymbolicLink SeCreateToken SeDebug SeEnableDelegation SeImpersonate SeIncreaseBasePriority IncreaseQuotaPrivilege SeIncreaseWorkingSet SeLoadDriver SeLockMemory SeMachineAccount SeManageVolume SeProfileSingleProcess SeRelabel SeRemoteShutdown SeRestore SeSecurity SeShutdown SeSyncAgent SeSystemEnvironment SeSystemProfile SeSystemtime SeTakeOwnership SeTcb SeTimeZone SeTrustedCredManAccess SeUndock SeUnsolicitedInput
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A. Client-side state management B. Server-side state management
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A composite control is a custom web control that contains other web server controls. This sounds a lot like a user control. However, a composite control doesn t provide an ASCX file or a designer that lets you drag controls on it at design time. Instead, a composite control is a custom web server control that inherits from the CompositeControl class. You then add constituent controls to this control. The composite control handles events raised by its child controls. A composite control is rendered as a tree of constituent controls, each having its own life cycle. Together, these constituent controls form a new control. Because each of the child controls handles its own ViewState and postback data, you don t need to write extra code to deal with this. To create a composite control, you start by creating a class that inherits from the CompositeControl class and overrides the CreateChildControls method. The CreateChildControls method contains the code to instantiate the child controls and set their properties. If you want to be able to assign styles to the composite control, you should create an instance of the Panel class to provide a container that can have attributes assigned to it. In this case, you add the container to the Controls collection of your composite control, and then add your controls to the Panel control. As an example, suppose you want to create a composite control that includes controls for prompting a user for a user name and password. You might also include a submit button with a click event that can be subscribed to. You start by defining a class that inherits from
Named locations that are attached to controls in the UI where views can be injected
Using ILDasm .exe, it s easy to verify what the compiler actually produced by examining the IL for the type constructor . Type constructor methods are always called .cctor (for class constructor) in a method definition metadata table . In the code below, you see that the .cctor method is private and static . In addition, notice that the code in the method does in fact load a 5 into the static field s_x .
Figure 7-9. The admin_departments componentized template in action This componentized template will generate a list populated with the departments information, and it also has a label, two text boxes, and a button used to add new departments to the list. When you click on a department s Edit button, the name and the description of that department becomes editable, and the Update and Cancel buttons appear in place of the Edit button, as you saw earlier in Figure 7-3.
De ning User Rights
To manually configure a Windows 2000 VPN client, use Make New Connec
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