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(A) Network Address and Subnet Mask
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Part IV
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void M2(String s) { Int32 length = s.Length; Int32 tally; return; }
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Full DNS computer name: host-a.example.microsoft.com
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674 ChAPTER 11
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7, and 10. You ll need to add occurrences of some of the prime numbers to also cover 4, 8, and 9. It s suf cient to have 3 occurrences of 2 to get 4 and 8, and it s also suf cient to keep 2 occurrences of 3 to get 9. So, the minimum integer n that quali es can be expressed as 2 2 2 3 3 5 7 1 = 2519.
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The C# language specification states, As a matter of style, use of the keyword is favored over use of the complete system type name . I disagree with the language specification; I prefer to use the FCL type names and completely avoid the primitive type names . In fact, I wish that compilers didn t even offer the primitive type names and forced developers to use the FCL type names instead . Here are my reasons:
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By default none of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM data fields have field level security enabled. To enable field level security for a specific field, you must select the Enable button for Field Security on the field editor (Figure 3-16). 6, Entity: Fields and Option Sets, covers how to use the entity and field editor in detail. Unfortunately, you can only enable field security for custom fields that you add to the system. You cannot turn on field security for the default system fields created in the initial Microsoft Dynamics CRM installation. Some of the default fields that you might want to enable field security for (but cannot) include contact birth date, contact home phone, contact mobile phone, and so on. Of course you could create new custom fields to track this data and then secure it. However, if you used custom data fields, the information
FIguRE 4-12 Employee s virtual instance GetProgressReport method is called, causing Manager s over-
Stop right there, however: in our example comprising four combinations, this is only the case if the particular search criterion is contained in this row four times for four different columns; in other words, if this row contains the four different search criteria, column by column (and, in an extremely unlikely scenario, only if the particular search criterion is contained in this row 127 times for 127 columns, requiring a row that contains all 127 defined search criteria) .
WITH StartingPoints AS ( SELECT seqval, ROW_NUMBER() OVER(ORDER BY seqval) AS rownum FROM dbo.BigNumSeq AS A WHERE NOT EXISTS (SELECT * FROM dbo.BigNumSeq AS B WHERE B.seqval = A.seqval - 1) ), EndingPoints AS ( SELECT seqval, ROW_NUMBER() OVER(ORDER BY seqval) AS rownum FROM dbo.BigNumSeq AS A WHERE NOT EXISTS (SELECT * FROM dbo.BigNumSeq AS B WHERE B.seqval = A.seqval + 1) ) SELECT S.seqval AS start_range, E.seqval AS end_range FROM StartingPoints AS S JOIN EndingPoints AS E ON E.rownum = S.rownum;
Subnetting and Supernetting IP Networks
Figure 12-9. Google Toolbar shows a web site s general search ranking.
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In the previous chapters, you learned how to customize the default entities in Microsoft Dynamics CRM by modifying their attributes, forms, and views. In Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you also can create entirely new entities to track and manage data in your system. The entities that you create are called custom entities. You can also create special custom entities that you denote as activity types so that they function similarly to default activities such as tasks, phone calls, and appointments. Microsoft Dynamics CRM refers to these as custom activities. This chapter will walk you through the steps and configuration settings necessary to create custom entities and custom activities, and highlight some of the tricks we ve learned.
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