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Now, let me rewrite the SimpleType from above so that you can see an observable difference:
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With User Accounts or Advanced User Accounts, you can add an account to only one group. With User Accounts, you can add an account only to the Administrators or Users group.
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Another improvement in 64-bit Windows Server is a faster I/O subsystem. There are a couple of reasons for this. First, the operating system is no longer constrained by the limited address space available to it in 32-bit Windows. This limitation can become especially important for server functions that create and release many connections, such as an active Web server. In 32-bit Windows, this can lead to fragmentation of the address space used by Windows and the eventual slowing down of the server, or an inability of the server to accept additional connections. With 64-bit Windows, this address space is far larger, allowing the Web server to function at full speed. Another way that the I/O subsystem bene ts from 64-bit Windows is a wider data path, allowing faster disk reads and writes and faster memory access. Disk-intensive operations are signi cantly faster in 64-bit Windows.
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IF OBJECT_ID('tempdb..#CustOrders', 'U') IS NOT NULL DROP TABLE #CustOrders; CREATE TABLE ( orderid custid INT empid INT orderdate ); GO #CustOrders INT NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY, NOT NULL, NOT NULL, DATETIME NOT NULL
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Emphasizing a Particular Line With several counters displayed on the same chart, it can sometimes be hard to tell which is which. To make it easier to relate lines to their Counter names in the list below the chart, click the Highlight tool on the toolbar (it s the one directly to the right of the red X). In response, Performance Monitor changes the chart marker (line or histogram bar) that corresponds to the currently item in the Counter list from its current color to black. Now you can use the Up Arrow and Down Arrow keys to move between Counter items, and each one in turn will be drawn in black. Changing the Sampling Interval Performance Monitor samples counters at onesecond intervals by default and adjusts its display to show 100 sampling intervals. You can alter the sampling interval by going to the General tab of the Performance Monitor Properties dialog box. Integers from 1 to 3888000 (one second to 45 days) are accepted. To set up a console that shows page-file usage over a two-hour period, for instance, you might enter 10 in the Sample Every nn Seconds box and 7200 (the number of seconds in two hours) in the Duration box. Note that the duration value must be at least two times and no more than 1,000 times the value in the Sample Every box. To freeze the current chart (stop sampling), click the Freeze Display tool on the toolbar or press Ctrl+F.
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accompanying Explanation and Detail statements.
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very drastic steps to modify permissions to rectify this situation; typically these modifications have completely disastrous results. You have no reason whatsoever to make these kinds of modifications. Either you want guests to have permissions to your computer and you enable the guest account, or you do not, and you leave it disabled. If you do want guests to have permissions, you need the permissions for Everyone. If you do not, Everyone will not be any different from Authenticated Users. Some people argue that making these changes are defense in depth changes. That would be true if we were to define defense in depth as changes we cannot justify any other way. The fact is that they provide very little security and carry a very large risk. Leave the defaults alone. If this is not persuasive enough, you should also refer to Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 885409, which states, in a nutshell, that wholesale permissions replacement can void your support contract. When you do that, you basically build your own operating system, and Microsoft can no longer guarantee that it works. It is also worth pointing out the difference between Users, which is a built-in group, and Authenticated Users. The difference is the rather obvious fact that Authenticated Users includes every user that has authenticated to the computer, including users in different domains, users that are members of local groups other than Users, and users that are not members of any groups at all (yes, such a thing is possible). In other words, the Users group is far, far more restrictive than Authenticated Users. In spite of this, this author has seen organizations that attempted to replace permissions for Users with permissions for Authenticated Users in an attempt to harden their systems. Needless to say, these attempts were largely unsuccessful, both with respect to security and, particularly, with respect to stability.
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1. Click Start, click Run, and type certtmpl.msc to open Certificate Templates. 2. In the details pane, right-click the Authenticated Session template, and click Duplicate Template.
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Contoso, LTD. chose a DS-3 link for the main site by adding up all connections that can happen and giving the circuit some breathing room from there.
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Some certi cate errors are benign and can be forgiven if you understand why they re occurring. Some web hosting companies use their own certi cates to secure access to the control panels for managing domains hosted on their servers. If you try to access the administrative interface through your own domain, Internet Explorer will throw a security warning. The same may happen if a certi cate is registered to one domain but a company applies it to another domain in the same family. If this happens frequently enough to be annoying, and you re con dent in your ability to recognize a suspicious certi cate when you see it, you can disable this check.
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In the POJO-driven approach you start with an object/domain model, and using JSR-220 annotation or Javadoc metadata comments, you define how each field in a class maps to a database column. At runtime, Hibernate uses the annotations to dynamically create the mappings. Then using Hibernate s hbm2dll automatic feature, you can generate the database schema at runtime. In the case of pre-JSE1.5 applications you will use a code/metadata generator such as XDoclet to generate the HBM files and subsequently feed the HBM files to a tool such as Hibernate s own hbm2ddl and generate a schema for the relational database of your liking. This approach works very well for new applications for which a data model has not yet been designed or created. Figure 4-5 illustrates the POJO-driven approach.
category_category_id_seq that will generate the values for the category_id field. Also, as you know
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