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Abstract goal You want to produce a value- and proportion-oriented overview of absolute periods of time that comprise as subsets units of time that have already been totaled . Concrete goal In project planning for specific processes, you want to visualize how many days were devoted to process preparation and execution .
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11. XML Processing
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Deploying Remote Access VPNs
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Customizing Command Prompt Windows 1049
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To install a computer certificate, an issuing certification authority (CA) must be present to issue certificates. (Again, see Appendix C for information on how to set this up.) Once the issuing CA is configured, you can install a computer certificate in any one of the following ways:
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Static Routing A feature of IP. Routers do not share routing information. Routing tables are built and sustained manually.
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Each of these animates a different type of object. For example, ColorAnimation animates the value of a Color property between two target values. Similarly, DoubleAnimation animates the value of a Double property, PointAnimation animates the value of a Point property, and ObjectAnimation animates the value of an Object property. Developers determine which animation type to use based on what they want to animate. As an example, let s look at a very simple animation where you will increase the size of a rectangle over time, as shown in Figure 11-3. This example will allow us to dissect some of the properties involved with the animation.
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Most of the display options for Joomla may be modified by using one of the tools provided by the graphical user interface. There are some functions, however, that you can control only by directly editing the template file. To remove the Powered by attribution, you will need to edit the PHP of the index page. You may be intimidated when you look at the actual template code because it is much lengthier and more complex than the Hello Joomla template. However, if you look closely, you will see many of the same directives that you ve already used. Open the Template Manager (under the Extensions menu) in the Administrator interface. Select the rhuk_milkyway template and click the Edit button, as shown in Figure 6-7. The Edit function allows you to edit the various characteristics of the template, including setting any parameters the template supports. Template parameters are settings that an administrator can change without needing to edit the template code directly.
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is to be serialized . In the GetObjectData method above, this object is cast to DateTime, the value is converted from local time to universal time, and a string (formatted using universal full date/time pattern) is added to the SerializationInfo collection . The SetObjectData method is called in order to deserialize a DateTime object . When this method is called, it is passed a reference to a SerializationInfo object . SetObjectData gets the string date out of this collection, parses it as a universal full date/time formatted string, and then converts the resulting DateTime object from universal time to the machine s local time . The Object that is passed for SetObjectData s first parameter is a bit strange . Just before calling SetObjectData, the formatter allocates (via FormatterServices s static GetUninitializedObject method) an instance of the type that the surrogate is a surrogate for . The instance s fields are all 0/null and no constructor has been called on the object . The code inside SetObjectData can simply initialize the fields of this instance using the values from the passed-in SerializationInfo object and then have SetObjectData return null . Alternatively, SetObjectData could create an entirely different object or even a different type of object and return a reference to this new object, in which case, the formatter will ignore any changes that may or may not have happened to the object it passed in to SetObjectData . In my example, my UniversalToLocalTimeSerializationSurrogate class acts as a surrogate for the DateTime type which is a value type . And so, the obj parameter refers to a boxed instance of a DateTime . There is no way to change the fields in most value types (as they are supposed to be immutable) and so, my SetObjectData method ignores the obj parameter and returns a new DateTime object with the desired value in it . At this point, I m sure you re all wondering how the formatter knows to use this ISerializationSurrogate type when it tries to serialize/deserialize a DateTime object . The following code demonstrates how to test the UniversalToLocalTimeSerializationSurrogate class:
An inspection is a specific kind of review that has been shown to be extremely effective in detecting defects and to be relatively economical compared to testing. Inspections were developed by Michael Fagan and used at IBM for several years before Fagan published the paper that made them public. Although any review involves reading designs or code, an inspection differs from a run-ofthe-mill review in several key ways: Checklists focus the reviewers attention on areas that have been problems in the past. The emphasis is on defect detection, not correction. Reviewers prepare for the inspection meeting beforehand and arrive with a list of the problems they ve discovered. Distinct roles are assigned to all participants. The moderator of the inspection isn t the author of the work product under inspection. The moderator has received specific training in moderating inspections.
department number of employees ---------- ------------------10 3 20 5 30 6 Listing 8-14 shows the COUNT function at work, to count the number of employees per department. COUNT is an example of a group function, and we ll look at it and the other group functions in Section 8.6.
Note In Ruby 1.8, code blocks (as defined with do and end or { }) do not generally have their own
When examining the .NET Framework Reference documentation, you can tell if a type offers an indexer by looking for a property named Item. For example, the System.Collections.SortedList type offers a public instance property named Item; this property is SortedList s indexer. When you program in C#, you never see the name of Item, so you don t normally care that the compiler has chosen this name for you. However, if you re designing an indexer for a type that other programming languages will be accessing, you might want to change the name given to your indexer s get and set accessor methods. C# allows you to rename these methods by applying the System.Runtime.CompilerServices.IndexerName custom attribute to the indexer. The following code demonstrates:
A few other examples of table lookups appear in other sections of the book. They re used in the course of discussing other techniques, and the contexts don t emphasize the table lookups per se. Here s where you ll find them:
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