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Type C: freeform shapes, which are assigned to lines in Office 2007, amount to a mixture of shapes:
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n Note Readers who are savvy with DNS terminology might like to try using CNAME, A, SOA, PTR, NS, and
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It's common to put assembly attributes in a separate file. The wizard-generated projects in Microsoft Visual Studio .NET take this approach, using a file named AssemblyInfo.cs.
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To monitor the CLR s garbage collector, select the .NET CLR Memory performance object . Then select a specific application from the instance list box . Finally, select the set of counters that you re interested in monitoring, click Add, and then click OK . At this point, the System Monitor will graph the selected real-time statistics . For an explanation of a particular counter, select the desired counter and then select the Show Description check box . Another great tool for monitoring your application s object allocations is the CLR Profiler . This tool offers call profiling, heap snapshots, and memory-use timelines . There is even an API that can be used from test code to start and stop profiling and inject comments into the logs . Also, the source code for this tool is available so that you can modify the tool for your own needs . The best way to acquire this tool is for you to search the Web for CLR profiler . This tool is invaluable, and I highly recommend it . Finally, you should look into using the SOS Debugging Extension (SOS .dll), which can often offer great assistance when debugging memory problems and other CLR problems . For memory-related actions, the SOS Debugging Extension allows you to see how much memory is allocated within the process to the managed heap, displays all objects registered for finalization in the finalization queue, displays the entries in the GCHandle table per AppDomain or for the entire process, shows the roots that are keeping an object alive in the heap, and more .
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VPN Troubleshooting
Tools to Manage Server Roles
Figure 7-10 Viewing the effects of a filter within Group Policy Editor.
Windows Vista Standard interface1 Windows Aero interface
requires Front Page Server Extensions.
guaranteed that the objects are fully deserialized, so the code in the special constructor should not attempt to manipulate the objects that it extracts . If your type must access members (such as call methods) on an extracted object, then it is recommended that your type also provide a method that has the OnDeserialized attribute applied to it or have your type implement the IDeserializationCallback interface s OnDeserialization method (as shown in the Dictionary example) . When this method is called, all objects have had their fields set . However, there is no guarantee to the order in which multiple objects have their OnDeserialized or OnDeserialization method called . So, while the fields may be initialized, you still don t know if a referenced object is completely deserialized if that referenced object also provides an OnDeserialized method or implements the IDeserializationCallback interface .
by running the following code: SET SHOWPLAN_TEXT ON;
under unique circumstances are you likely to do better manually mucking with setting processor affinity. The <processModel> tag supports many attributes. The most common ones are described in Table 4-11. Table 4-11 : Attributes of the <processModel> Tag Attribute enable Option Description Specifies whether the process model is enabled. true Indicates that the process model is enabled. Indicates that the process model is not enabled. Specifies the number of minutes until ASP.NET launches a new worker process to take the place of the current one. The default is infinite. Specifies the number of minutes of inactivity until ASP.NET automaticall y shuts down the worker process. The default is infinite. Specifies the number of minutes allowed for a worker process to shut itself down. If the timeout
Lesson 1
Silverlight supports only asynchronous communications; therefore, you cannot
Imports System.Web.Services
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