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Develop Code39 in .NET For all these reasons, I ll use the FCL type names throughout this book.

Advanced System Maintenance
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Layout Extremes
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Protected Overridable Sub OnEdit(ByVal sender As Object, _ ByVal e As DataGridCommandEventArgs) DataGrid1.EditItemIndex = e.Item.ItemIndex doDataBind() End Sub
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The compiler automatically generates names for these methods by prepending get_ or set_ to the property name specified by the developer . C# has built-in support for properties . When the C# compiler sees code that s trying to get or set a property, the compiler actually emits a call to one of these methods . If you re using a programming language that doesn t directly support properties, you can still access properties by calling the desired accessor method . The effect is exactly the same; it s just that the source code doesn t look as pretty . In addition to emitting the accessor methods, compilers also emit a property definition entry into the managed assembly s metadata for each property defined in the source code . This entry contains some flags and the type of the property, and it refers to the get and set accessor methods . This information exists simply to draw an association between the abstract concept of a property and its accessor methods . Compilers and other tools can use this metadata, which can be obtained by using the System.Reflection.PropertyInfo class . The CLR doesn t use this metadata information and requires only the accessor methods at runtime .
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This code generates the following output:
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Figure 27-1 The number of communication paths increases proportionate to the square of the number of people on the team.
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Notice that the Main method calls Join . The Join method causes the calling thread to stop executing any code until the thread identified by dedicatedThread has destroyed itself or been terminated .
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Cnt ----------93 3143 3143 25093 25120 93 25093 50000 93 3167 93
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Managing Software Updates
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Managing Network Security
Figure 10-39
Itzik Ben-Gan
The control captures the name of the currently logged-in user from the User intrinsic object and outputs it using the current style. Internally, the control builds a dynamic instance of a Label control, sets fonts and color accordingly, and displays the text returned by the following expression:
The aim of this chapter is to provide a brief introduction to Windows Forms and GDI+ graphics through a high-level overview of the relevant .NET libraries and a comparison with the Java classes that provide equivalent functionality. Anything more than an introduction is beyond the scope of this book; both the Windows Forms library and the GDI+ toolkit are sufficiently complex that full coverage would require a dedicated book. The coverage presented in this chapter provides enough information to allow a Java developer experienced in the Swing/JFC, Java AWT, and Java 2D APIs to quickly use the comparable .NET libraries; the .NET documentation should be consulted for the details of the individual topics discussed.
L2TP/IPSec over IPSec Packet Filtering
Part V
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