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Enforcing Table Relationships with the FOREIGN KEY Constraint
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We can use this aggregate on the client, but we can make better use of it if we register it and use it in the server . Note A bug in some builds of SQL Server 2008 can prevent the automatic deployment from
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Id attributes must be unique Each element requires an Id attribute. Remember that it must be unique from all of the other Id attributes in the site map. Beware of conditionally required attributes Earlier in this chapter, we outlined the attributes of each element and identified whether Microsoft Dynamics CRM requires them. In some cases, an attribute might become required depending on the settings of other elements. Microsoft Dynamics CRM usually prompts you with a good description of the error, but you should know that these conditional requirements are possible. Know how to recover from a site map error Although Microsoft Dynamics CRM validates the customizations.xml file before importing a solution, you might accidentally import a file that causes an error with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
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Now that you ve prepared your story template and reviewed the ground rules, it s time to get speci c and start with the beginning the rst ve slides of your PowerPoint presentation.
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dtPart=tstr.Substring(4,tstr.Length-4); yr=System.Int32.Parse(dtPart); if ( yr<30 ) { yr+=2000; } else { if ( yr<100 ) { yr+=1900; } } Text=mo.ToString() + "/" + da.ToString() + "/" + yr.ToString();
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Lesson 1: Configuring Remote Access Connections . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10-3
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System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM) 2008 will support Hyper-V,
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Figure 11-16 Each customer has its own fundamental costing data .
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Running the steps of the test case is the heart of automated testing, and a variety of execution methods is possible. One simple form of execution is to write and run a script or application. A simple test case written in Microsoft Visual Basic Scripting Edition (VBScript) to open and print a specified document in Microsoft Word can be implemented as follows:
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Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2008: T-SQL Querying
FIGURE 12-5 Screen regions in Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook
This technique is handy when you need to generate integer identi ers to distinguish rows for some processing need. Don t let the fact that you can technically specify an ORDER BY clause in the SELECT INTO query mislead you. There s no guarantee that in the execution plan the assignment of IDENTITY values will take place after the sort. As mentioned earlier, when you do care about the order of assignment of the IDENTITY values in other words, when the row numbers should be based on a given order rst create the table and then load the data. Prior to SQL Server 2008 this technique was not as fast as the SELECT INTO approach because INSERT SELECT was always fully logged; however, it was still much faster than the other techniques that did not utilize the ROW_NUMBER function. Here s an example for calculating row numbers based on the order of qty and empid:
Manually Configuring VPN clients
Inversion of Control Pattern
To con gure the networking and set a xed IP address for the server, follow these steps:
Select the Server Role(s) you want to add. You can select more than one, but doing so makes it much more likely that you ll have to reboot before the installation completes.
RSS feeds The Microsoft Update Catalog supports Really Simple Syndication Feeds so
DECLARE @point GEOMETRY; DECLARE @polygon GEOMETRY; SET @point = geometry::Parse('POINT(1 2)'); SET @polygon = (SELECT GEOM FROM Polygons_Valid WHERE NAME = 'Area1'); SELECT NAME FROM Polygons_Valid WHERE @polygon.STIntersects(@point)=1;
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