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19. Introduction to XML Web Services
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For more details on the UNPIVOT operator, please refer to 6.
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Java Streams InputStream.close() OutputStream.close() OutputStream.flush() InputStream.read() InputStream.read() OutputStream.write() OutputStream.write() N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
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The AJAX support in ASP.NET also makes calling a REST-based service from AJAX a relatively straightforward process. The ScriptManager control allows you to set a service reference to the specified RESTful WCF service. It then defines a JavaScript proxy class for you to call. This proxy class manages the call from the AJAX-enabled page to the WCF service. For example, to call the service defined previously, you start by adding a ScriptManager control to your page. You then define a ServiceReference to the actual service. The following markup shows an example.
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You can use the client control with existing ASP.NET controls and DOM elements by directly accessing it on your page. To do so, you must first add a ScriptManager control to your page. Inside it, you reference the script that contains your client control. The following code shows an example of this for the password strength control discussed earlier.
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Here, I will predominantly discuss the planning aspect of this term . Therefore, the layout is a design framework; in other words, a standardized specification that nevertheless permits room for individual flair . With regard to the topics discussed in this book, one main layout question stands out above all others: How big must or should my chart be, and where should I position it on the page There is no single clear and concise answer because we must consider several aspects .
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The Trace Precedents tool is located in the Formula Auditing group of the Formulas tab in the Ribbon . The Trace Dependents command in the same group allows you to locate the cells that are affected by (i .e ., depend on) the value in the cell that is currently selected . The Remove Arrows command deletes the traces .
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Step 2: Create a site group that includes the name of the list and a description of the type of permission. For example, if your list is named Candidates and you want some users to have Reader permissions to the list, create a site group called Candidates Reader. If you want some users to be able to read, insert, and edit items but not delete them, you might call the site group Candidates Contributor with no delete . Follow these steps to create a site group: 1. In WSS, click Site Settings on the top navigation bar. 2. Click Go to Site Administration in the Administration section of the Site Settings page. 3. Click Manage site groups in the Users and Permissions section of the Site Administration page. 4. Click Add a Site Group in the Manage Site Groups toolbar.
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The Shippers table is scanned, yielding 12 rows. For each shipper, a Nested Loops operator invokes a seek against our covering index to check whether an orderdate of '20010101' or later exists for the shipper. If the answer is yes, another seek operation is invoked against the index to check whether an order exists at all. The I/O cost against the Orders table is 78 readsslightly higher than the previous solution. However, in terms of simplicity and naturalness this solution wins big time! Therefore, I would stick to it. As you probably realize, index tuning alone is not enough; there's much you can do with the way you write your queries. Being a "Matrix" fan, I'd like to believe that it's not the spoon that bends; it's only your mind.
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Figure 9-9
For example, if you have an application called setup.exe or install.exe, it will be detected as an installer and will automatically get a prompt. You can find general information and an overview of the Microsoft Windows Installer at MSDN: http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/ LinkId=30197.
In most automation systems in use at Microsoft, the entire test pass starts with a single command executed from the command line, a Web page, or an application. In some teams, automated file monitors ensure that tests start automatically as soon as the build is available for test. The automation flow begins at the test case manager (TCM). Based on the configuration of the test pass, the TCM
Your activities in a Command Prompt session are subject to the same UAC controls as anything else you do in Windows Vista . At times you might find it convenient to start a Command Prompt session with an Administrator token . To do this, right-click any shortcut for Cmd .exe and choose Run As Administrator from the shortcut menu . If you do this as a standard user, you will be prompted to supply administrative credentials .
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The Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) pattern helps you to cleanly separate the business and presentation logic of your application from its user interface (UI). Maintaining a clean separation between application logic and UI helps to address numerous development and design issues and can make your application much easier to test, maintain, and evolve. It can also greatly increase code re-use opportunities and allows developers and UI designers to collaborate more easily as they develop their respective parts of the application. The MVVM pattern separates the UI of the application and the underlying presentation and business logic into three separate classes: the view, which encapsulates the UI and UI logic; the view model, which encapsulates presentation logic and state; and the model, which encapsulates the application s business logic and data. Prism includes samples and reference implementations that show how to implement the MVVM pattern in a Silverlight or Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) application. The Prism Library also provides features that can help you implement the pattern in your own applications. These features embody the most common practices for implementing the MVVM pattern and are designed to support testability and to work well with Visual Studio and Expression Blend software. This chapter provides an overview of the MVVM pattern and describes how to implement its fundamental characteristics. 6 describes how to use the Prism Library to implement more advanced MVVM scenarios.
The script for this example can be found in Listing 11-3. Note This code is located in the companion content at web resource
feedback(items[item], item, items.Length);
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