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Figure 4-4. The Many-to-Many relationship between categories and products
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Figure 3-3
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Then run the query in Listing 4-4. You will get the XML form of the estimated execution plan. To have SSMS parse and present the XML information graphically, simply click the XML value. Figure 4-14 shows an example of graphical depiction of the XML showplan.
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Do you need additional PPTP or L2TP ports By default, the Routing
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Conditional Attribute Classes
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Configuring MySQL
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Step 5: The SELECT Phase
Migrating from Windows Small Business Server 2003
Dial-up client
Working with (and Around) Protected Mode
In the code above, the name of the callback method, SomeAsyncTask, is passed to the ThreadPool s QueueUserWorkItem method . C# allows you to write the code for the callback
Case Scenario 2: Selecting a Service Model
The Law of Proximity
Configuring Advanced DNS Server Properties
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