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I also used CTEs here to build the solution in a modular approach . The first CTE (Agg) groups the data from the temporary table by custid, and returns several aggregates based on empid for each customer (MIN, MAX, COUNT, SUM, CHECKSUM_AGG) . The second CTE (AggJoin) joins two instances of Agg (A1 and A2) matching each customer in A1 to all customers in A2 with a lower custid that have the same values for all the aggregates .
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Distributing a gem is easy. You can upload it to a web site or transfer it in any way you would normally transfer a file. You can then install the gem with gem install by referring to the local file. However, distributing a gem in a fashion where the gem client can download it automatically is a little harder. The RubyGems system comes with a script called gem_server that runs a special server on your local machine (or any machine you choose to run it on) that can serve gems. To install a gem from a specific server, you can use the --source option: gem install gem_name --source http://server-name-here/
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called, which I then place in currentVal . Then, a check is made comparing startVal with the new value in currentVal . If these values are the same, then a thread did not change target behind our thread s back, target now contains the value in desiredVal, the while loop does not loop around, and the method returns . If startVal is not equal to currentVal, then a thread did change the value in target behind our thread s back, target did not get changed to our value in desiredVal, and the while loop will loop around and try the operation again, this time using the new value in currentVal that reflects the other thread s change . Personally, I have used this pattern in a lot of my own code and, in fact, I made a generic method, Morph, which encapsulates this pattern7:
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Lesson 3
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IISVERSION = "#6" (check for IIS 6.0) VersionNT = 500 (check for Windows 2000)
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A channel cannot be used until it's registered. At least one channel must be registered before remoting operations can be performed. Channels are registered in the following way:
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user makes is stored with the order. If this were a site specializing in shoe sales, attributes such as stripe pattern, shoe size, shoe width, and color might be included as separate attributes.
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You can use the CREATE SYNONYM command to create synonyms for tables or views. Once created, you can use synonyms in all your SQL commands instead of real table (and view) names. For example, you could use synonyms for tables with very long table names.
Application crashes when opening multiple instances. Doesn't block testing, but should be fixed. 8/28/2007 5:53 PM Assigned by David Pelton to Jim Hance
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Method Declaration Context Member of Class Accessibility public protected private internal protected internal Inheritance new abstract sealed virtual override Other readonly volatile static extern
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