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As you can see, Expression Design supports export of graphical assets as XAML files. Later in this chapter, you ll see how to use Expression Design to design the graphical elements of a simple application, and you ll export these as XAML, which you can use in Expression Blend and Visual Studio to create an application. Figure 1-4 shows the Export XAML dialog box in Expression Design. There are several format options, one of which is XAML Silverlight Canvas (shown selected). This option formats your drawing using the subset of XAML elements that is usable by Silverlight so that you can import the resulting XAML into Visual Studio or Expression Blend to build your Silverlight application.
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A type can define several instance constructors. Each constructor must have a different signature, and each can have different accessibility. For verifiable code, a class s instance constructor must call its base class s constructor before accessing any of the inherited fields of the base class. Many compilers, including C#, generate the call to the base class s constructor automatically, so you typically don t have to worry or think about this at all. Ultimately, System.Object s public, parameterless constructor gets called. This constructor does nothing it simply returns. In a few situations, an instance of a type can be created without an instance constructor being called. In particular, calling Object s MemberwiseClone method allocates memory, initializes the object s overhead fields, and then copies the source object s bytes to the new object. Also, a constructor is usually not called when deserializing an object. C# offers a simple syntax that allows the initialization of fields when a reference type object is 150
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In Windows Vista, as in previous versions of Windows, you can assign a descriptive text label to any volume. Assigning a label is purely optional, but it s a good practice, especially if you ve set up separate volumes to keep your data organized. You can use Data as the label for your data drive, Music for the drive that holds your collection of digital tunes, and so on. Volume labels appear in the Computer window alongside the drive letter for a volume, as in the in the example shown here:
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A computing platform is of little use without the tools and languages necessary to develop applications for it. .NET provides a larger, more sophisticated set of development tools than the standard Java software development kit. The J2SDK provides the minimal set of tools that
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// Instantiating an Encoding that supports UTF-8 Encoding myEncoding = Encoding.UTF8; //Instantiating a UTF-8 Encoder Encoder myEncoder = myEncoding.GetEncoder(); //Determine the byte array size required to encode a String char[] myChars = "Hello world !".ToCharArray(); int size = myEncoder.GetByteCount(myChars, 0, 13, true); //Convert the character array to a UTF-8 byte array byte[] myBytes = new byte[size]; myEncoder.GetBytes(myChars, 0, 13, myBytes, 0, true); // Encode the byte stream as UTF-7 using Encoding.Convert() myBytes = Encoding.Convert(Encoding.UTF8, Encoding.UTF7, myBytes); // Convert the bytes back to Unicode from UTF-7 String myString = new String(Encoding.UTF7.GetChars(myBytes)); //Display result string System.Console.WriteLine(myString);
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Bitmap Indexes
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In the New Packages area, specify the default behavior for new software packages. Table 20-3 shows the choices.
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Migrating from Windows Small Business Server 2003
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14 Spatial Data
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Exercise 1: Capturing Name Resolution Traffic
Figure 19-4 Choose Play Slide Show to display all the photos in the current iew in a slide show. Playing a slide show does not interrupt the playback of music.
Table 9-1 : Data Grid Column Types Column Type TemplateColumn Description Displays each item in a column following a specified template. This column type allows a great deal of customizatio n of grid appearance.
One of the more difficult aspects of writing asynchronous messaging applications is dealing with multiple applications or multiple threads receiving messages from a queue simultaneously . To understand why this is an issue, think about a purchase order arriving in a message queue . The purchase order is sent as multiple messages a header message, multiple order-line messages, and a footer message . If multiple threads receive messages from the same purchase order, one or more order lines might be processed before the purchase order header . These transactions would fail because the header isn t in the database yet . Transactional messaging handles this situation because when the order-line transactions fail, the transaction rolls back and the message is put back on the queue . However, it s possible for an order line to be processed multiple times before the header is present . This is inefficient but manageable . However, if an order footer closes out the purchase order before the last order line is processed, data might be lost . Because of these problems, many messaging applications are written with only one receiving process for each queue . This approach obviously doesn t scale well, but it is often necessary to maintain consistency in the data . The multithreaded reader problem is a bigger issue with Service Broker conversations because Service Broker ensures in-order processing of messages in a conversation . If one thread processes message 20 and another thread processes message 21 of a conversation, it s possible for 21 to complete before 20, which violates message ordering . Service Broker solves this problem through use of conversation group locking . Every conversation is associated with a conversation group . When an application sends or receives messages, Service Broker locks the conversation group so that no other code can receive or send messages on the locked conversation until the transaction holding the lock completes . This means that even if your application has hundreds of queue readers active, a conversation can be accessed by only one queue reader at a time . This is a very powerful feature because it means that even when thousands of messages are being processed simultaneously, the messages for a particular conversation are processed on one thread at a time . The logic for processing a conversation can assume that a given conversation is processed sequentially, so it doesn t have to deal with the issues associated with multithreaded applications . After the transaction that is processing messages for a conversation group commits, the lock is released and the queue reader goes on to process the next message on the queue, which might be from a different conversation group . Messages in a given conversation group might be processed by many different threads during the life of the conversation group, but they are processed on only one thread at a time .
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<asp:ObjectDataSource ID="ObjectDataSource1" runat="server" TypeName="Shipper" SelectMethod="GetAllShippers" EnableCaching="true" CacheDuration="30"> </asp:ObjectDataSource>
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