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6. Advanced Language Features barcode font
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Every thread is assigned a priority level ranging from 0 (the lowest) to 31 (the highest) . When the system decides which thread to assign to a CPU, it examines the priority 31 threads first and schedules them in a round-robin fashion . If a priority 31 thread is schedulable, it is assigned to a CPU . At the end of this thread s time-slice, the system checks to see whether there is another priority 31 thread that can run; if so, it allows that thread to be assigned to a CPU .
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Configuring Remote Access Connections 10-17
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<asp:button text="Login" OnClick="Login_Click" runat=server> </asp:button> <p> <asp:Label id="Msg" ForeColor="red" Font-Name="Verdana" Font-Size="10" runat=server /> </td> </tr> </table> </center> </form> </body> </html> qr code scanner
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<attribute type="id" required="yes" /> <attribute type="optional" required="no" /> </ElementType> </Schema> Compared to the DTD schema, this XDR schema is certainly more verbose, but it also provides more detailed information. The idea behind an XDR schema is that you define attribute and element types and then use those entities to construct the hierarchy that makes the target document. For example, let's analyze more closely the block that refers to the <class> root node, shown here: <ElementType name="class" content="eltOnly" model="closed" order="seq"> <element type="days" minOccurs="1" maxOccurs="1" /> <attribute type="title" required="yes" /> <attribute type="author" required="no" /> <attribute type="company" required="no" /> </ElementType> The <class> element is declared as an element type, with the subtree formed by all the nodes located one level down from it in this case, only <days> and a few attributes. Both attributes and child nodes have a type property that refers to other ElementType or AttributeType schema nodes. From this structure, it's easy to see how validating parsers work to verify the correctness of a node against a schema be it XDR or XSD. They simply validate the node attributes and the child nodes one level down. By applying this simple algorithm recursively, they traverse and validate the entire tree. From our sample XDR file, you can also appreciate the schema enhancements over the DTD model. In particular, you can set the type for each attribute and strictly control the cardinality of each node by using the minOccurs and maxOccurs properties. With DTDs, on the other hand, you can barely define a fixed range of occurrences for a given node. Looking ahead to XSD, you'll notice that the key improvement concerns typing. XSD defines a type system that extends the XDR type system and that, more importantly, has a direct counterpart in the .NET Framework type system. (I'll have more to say about this in the section ".NET Type Mapping," on page 109.) Validating Against an XDR An XML document can include its XDR schema as in-line code or simply link it as an external resource. The XmlValidatingReader class determines that a given document requires XDR validation if an x-schema namespace declaration is found. The following sample document, named data_xdr.xml, points to an XDR schema stored in an external resource the schema.xml file: < xml version="1.0" > <!-- Sample XML document (data_xdr.xml) using XDR --> <class xmlns="x-schema:Schema.xml" title="Applied XML Programming for .NET" company="Wintellect" author="DinoE"> 83
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This fragment detects paths that relate to nonexistent files by checking to see whether the unsigned integer value of the attributes is the same as that of the UInt64.MaxValue field. The Microsoft documentation on the file attributes is a little hazy, and we're not sure whether this is a bug or an expected behavior. For obvious reasons, we suggest using the Exists methods to tell files and directories apart.
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private void OnServiceConfigurationCreated(object sender, ServiceConfigurationCreatedEventArgs e) { var sessionTransforms = new List<CookieTransform>( new CookieTransform[] { new DeflateCookieTransform(), new RsaEncryptionCookieTransform( e.ServiceConfiguration.ServiceCertificate),
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parsing a String to an array of arrays
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Set up breakpoints in an application in Visual Studio
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Sample of C# Code protected void Button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { if (FileUpload1.HasFile) { Label1.Text = string.Format("File Length: {0}<br />File Name: {1}<br />MIME Type: {2}", FileUpload1.FileBytes.Length, FileUpload1.FileName, FileUpload1.PostedFile.ContentType); FileUpload1.SaveAs( MapPath("~/Uploads/" + FileUpload1.FileName)); } else { Label1.Text = "No file received."; } }
If you attempt to include the last Add method in the Point type, the C# compiler issues this message: "error CS0663: 'Add' cannot define overloaded methods that differ only on ref and out."
loop should terminate inputChar != <;$QS>\n<;$QS>. The loop would be clearer if it were recoded so that the work it does is evident to the reader. Here s how the revised loop would look:
if (isset ($_POST['address2'])) $this->mAddress2 = $_POST['address2']; if (empty ($_POST['city'])) { $this->mCityError = 1; $this->_mErrors++; } else $this->mCity = $_POST['city']; if (empty ($_POST['region'])) { $this->mRegionError = 1; $this->_mErrors++; } else $this->mRegion = $_POST['region']; if (empty ($_POST['postalCode'])) { $this->mPostalCodeError = 1; $this->_mErrors++; } else $this->mPostalCode = $_POST['postalCode']; if (empty ($_POST['country'])) { $this->mCountryError = 1; $this->_mErrors++; } else $this->mCountry = $_POST['country']; if ($_POST['shippingRegion'] == 1) { $this->mShippingRegionError = 1; $this->_mErrors++; } else $this->mShippingRegion = $_POST['shippingRegion']; } } public function init() { $shipping_regions = Customer::GetShippingRegions();
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