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31. Layout and Style
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You re no longer using the device, and you want to prevent the previously installed drivers from loading or using any resources. You ve determined that the drivers available for the device are not stable enough to use on your system. The currently installed driver is not working correctly, and you want to reinstall it from scratch.
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The Finalize method is incredibly useful because it ensures that unmanaged resources aren t leaked when managed objects have their memory reclaimed. However, the problem with the Finalize method is that you have no guarantee when it will be called, and because it isn t a public method, a user of the class can t call it explicitly. The capability to deterministically dispose of or close an object is frequently useful when you re working with unmanaged resources such as mutexes and bitmaps; this capability is even more useful when you re working with files and database connections. For example, you might want to open a database connection, query some records, and close the database connection you don t want the database connection to stay open until the next garbage collection occurs, especially because the next garbage collection could occur hours or even days after you retrieve the database records. Types that offer the capability to be deterministically disposed of or closed implement what is known as the dispose pattern. The dispose pattern defines conventions that a developer should adhere to when defining a type that wants to offer explicit cleanup to a user of the type. In addition, if a type implements the dispose pattern, a developer using the type knows exactly how to explicitly dispose of the object when it s no longer needed. Note Any type that defines a Finalize method should also implement the dispose pattern as described in this section so that users of the type have a lot of control. However, a type can implement the dispose pattern and not define a Finalize method. For example, the 365
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Core Facilities
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Part V
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Perception and the Laws of Perception
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One of the great features of AppDomains is that you can unload them . Unloading an AppDomain causes the CLR to unload all of the assemblies in the AppDomain, and the CLR frees the AppDomain s loader heap as well . To unload an AppDomain, you call AppDomain s Unload static method (as the Ch22-1-AppDomains application does) . This call causes the CLR to perform a lot of actions to gracefully unload the specified AppDomain: 1. The CLR suspends all threads in the process that have ever executed managed code . 2. The CLR examines all of the threads stacks to see which threads are currently executing code in the AppDomain being unloaded or which threads might return at some point to code in the AppDomain that is being unloaded . The CLR forces any threads that have the unloading AppDomain on their stack to throw a ThreadAbortException (resuming the thread s execution) . This causes the threads to unwind, executing any finally blocks on their way out so that cleanup code executes . If no code catches the ThreadAbortException, it will eventually become an unhandled exception that the CLR swallows; the thread dies, but the process is allowed to continue running . This is unusual because for all other unhandled exceptions, the CLR kills the process . Important The CLR will not immediately abort a thread that is currently executing code
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The automation approach for state-based models is slightly different from traditional approaches. Rather than automate an end-to-end scenario, test automation for models focuses on automating the
for (Int32 m = 0; m < map.InterfaceMethods.Length; m++) { // Display the interface method name and which // type method implements the interface method. Console.WriteLine(" {0} is implemented by {1}", map.InterfaceMethods[m], map.TargetMethods[m]); } }
Reducing the number of days from 3/2 to 1 has a similar effect on the number of eggs; namely, you need to divide 1 (egg) by 3/2, giving you this equation: 1 chicken 1 day = 2/3 egg If you increase the number of days from 1 to 3, the effect on the number of eggs is a factor of 3 as well: 1 chicken 3 days = 2 eggs So the correct answer to the puzzle is that one chicken lays two eggs in three days. In a very similar manner, you can express the relationship between builders, houses, years, and tools with the following equation: 3/2 builders 3/2 years 3/2 tools = 3/2 house To reduce the number of builders, years, and tools to one each, you need to divide the number of houses by 3/2 three times; in other words, by (3/2)3: 1 builder 1 year 1 tool = 3/2 3/2 3/2 3/2 houses This gives you the following equation: 1 builder 1 year 1 tool = 4/9 house Thus, one builder with one tool will build four houses in nine years. To generalization the equation, you need to divide the right side of the equation by 3/2 n times for n elements in the left side of the equation. Or, if you want to express the calculation as a multiplication instead of division, multiply by (2/3)n. For example, take our last equation: 3/2 builders 3/2 years 3/2 tools = 3/2 houses The left side of the equation contains three elements; therefore, you get this equation: 1 builder 1 year 1 tool = 3/2 (2/3)3 houses This is equal to: 1 builder 1 year 1 tool = 4/9 house
Because Web-based applications rely on HTTP to connect browsers to servers and HTML to represent the state of the application, ASP .NET is essentially a disconnected architecture . When an application needs to use session state, the runtime needs a way of tracking the origin of the requests it receives so that it can associate data with a particular client . ASP .NET offers three options for tracking the session ID by cookies, the URL, or device profiles .
Transformations and Animation
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