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To create a custom logon page, edit the Web.config file to point nonauthenticated requests to your logon page by adding the loginUrl attribute to the <forms> element as follows.
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1. Which of the following is not required to capture frames from a network adapter on a remote computer a. Install the Network Monitor Driver on the remote computer. b. Install the Network Monitor Driver on the local computer. c. Install the full version of Network Monitor on the local computer. d. Install the full version of Network Monitor on the remote computer. 2. Which session-layer interface is used to connect Client for Microsoft Networks to the TCP/IP protocol a. SMB b. NetBIOS c. NetBT d. Browser 3. You are the network administrator of a large company with headquarters in Bos ton and five branch offices throughout North America. The company has recently deployed a new network application that uses a distinct protocol called XTXA developed by your organization. The application package includes an Xtxa.dll file that enables Network Monitor to parse this proprietary protocol. You want to take advantage of this function so that you can troubleshoot and solve problems related to the application. Which steps must you perform so that you can capture and analyze XTXA traffic in Network Monitor (Choose two.) a. Copy the Xtxa.dll file to the \System32\Netmon folder. b. Copy the Xtxa.dll file to the \System32\Netmon\Parsers folder. c. Add an entry for the Xtxa.dll file to the \System32\Netmon\Parser.ini file. d. Add an entry for the Xtxa.dll file to the \System32\Netmon\Parsers\Parser.ini file.
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// Desired: This method uses a weak parameter type public void ManipulateItems<T>(IEnumerable<T> collection) { ... } // Undesired: This method uses a strong parameter type public void ManipulateItems<T>(List<T> collection) { ... }
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6 Entity: Fields and Option Sets
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The following list shows common configurations of firewalls with a virtual private network (VPN) server:
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Enhanced WinLogin Support
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Figure 3-13. Eclipse Ant builder properties Targets tab
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Key Terms. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4-64
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deceptively simple but can have disastrous results up to and including making your computer unable to boot. Be careful and don t make any changes without knowing exactly why you re making them and what the consequences are. There you ve been warned.
B. Correct: A behavior is implemented by inheriting the ExtenderControl class. c. Incorrect: The IScriptControl interface is implemented for custom UI controls. It is not
FIGURE 9-23 Act I of The Report presentation example.
of the data using date-related functions. Of course, I ll ignore the day part of the value in my calculations.
Figure 7-12
To add the JARs to the classpath we can create a path element and add it to the project s classpath as shown next: <path id="aspectj.class.path"> <fileset dir="${aspectj-lib}"> <include name="*.jar"/> </fileset> </path> <path id="class.path"> ... <path refid="aspectj.class.path"/> </path> We will keep all AspectJ aspect code (.aj) in its own source directory named aspects under the src directory and add it to the global path of code to be compiled as shown next: ... <property name="src-aspects" location="${src}/aspects" /> <path id="all.source.path"> ... <pathelement path="${src-aspects}"/> </path> To use the AspectJ ajc compiler, we use a taskdef element to import the tasks as shown next: <!-- AspectJ - --> <taskdef resource="org/aspectj/tools/ant/taskdefs/" classpathref="aspectj.class.path" /> Finally we can modify the compile target to use the iajc task as shown: <!-- =================================================================== <!-- Target: compile <!-- Compiles all classes <!-- =================================================================== <target name="compile" depends="compile-init" description="Compiles all classes (JDK1.5)"> <iajc source="1.5" destdir="${classes}" classpathref="class.path" debug="on" showWeaveInfo="${aspectj.showWeaveInfo}"> --> --> --> -->
instead of databases, but these solutions are generally not suited for applications such as HatShop, so we won t cover them in this book. However, it s good to know your options.
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