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even if the code-behind page were converted from Visual Basic to C#. Additionally, Joe could add the Visual Basic page to the existing C# site without problem.
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Table 8-6 Event ID 5140 Table 8-7 Event ID 5712 Table 8-8 Event ID 4778 4779 4800 4801 4802 4803
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Preventing Traffic Routed from VPN Clients
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Challenges with PHP
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The query involves three tables Employees, Orders, and Order Details and basically calculates the total amount of each order issued in the specified year by a particular employee. Finally, the amounts of all orders are summed and returned together with the employee's last name. GetSalesReportBarChart works in two steps: first it gets the sales data by calling GetSalesReport, and then it uses this information to create the bar chart. The bar chart is generated as an in-memory bitmap object and is drawn using the GDI+ classes in the System.Drawing namespace. To make the image easily transportable over the wire for .NET Remoting clients as well as for Web service clients, the GetSalesReportBarChart method converts the bitmap to JPEG, encodes the bits as BinHex, and puts the results in an XML string. Using GDI+ to Create Charts GDI+ is the latest incarnation of the classic Windows Graphical Device Interface (GDI), a graphics subsystem that enables you to write device-independent applications. The .NET Framework encapsulates the full spectrum of GDI+ functionalities in quite a few managed classes that wrap any GDI+ low-level functions, thus making them available to Web Forms and Windows Forms applications. GDI+ services fall into three broad categories: 2-D vector graphics, imaging, and typography. The 2-D vector graphics category includes drawing primitives such as lines, curves, and any other figures that are specified by a set of points on a coordinate system. The imaging category includes functions for displaying, manipulating, and saving pictures as bitmaps and metafiles. The typography category concerns the display of text in a variety of fonts, sizes, and styles. Only the imaging functions are key to the GetSalesReportBarChart implementation. In GDI+, the Graphics class represents the managed counterpart of the Win32 GDI device context. You can think of it as the central console from which you call all primitives. Everything you draw, or fill, through a Graphics object acts on a particular canvas. Typical drawing surfaces are the window background (including control backgrounds), the printer, and in-memory bitmaps. The following code creates a new bitmap object and gets a Graphics object from it: Bitmap bmp = new Bitmap(500, 400); Graphics g = Graphics.FromImage(bmp); g.Clear(Color.Ivory); From this point on, any drawing methods called on the Graphics object will result in changes to the bitmap. For example, the Clear method clears the bitmap's background using the specified color. Creating a bar chart is as easy as creating and filling a certain number of rectangles, as shown in the following code. We need to create a bar for each employee in the DataTable object and give it a height that is both proportional to the maximum value to draw and based on the scale given by the bitmap's size. // Save the names of the fields to use to get data string fieldLabel, fieldValue; fieldLabel = dt.Columns[0].ColumnName; fieldValue = dt.Columns[1].ColumnName; // For each employee... for(int i=0; i<dt.Rows.Count; i++) 434
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Planning the Network Infrastructure . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23
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Table 14-11. The Mapping Between the Java InetAddress Class and the .NET IPAddress Class
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5. Install the packages to the WIM file.
Standard Numeric Format Strings
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Table 11-17. Comparison Between Java and .NET DOM APIs
The ASP.NET user profile feature allows you to quickly and easily create a means to define, store, retrieve, and use user profile information in your site. You can configure most of the setup inside Web.config. This includes defining a storage mechanism and the actual fields to use to define a user profile. ASP.NET and the related user profile classes will then take care of storing your data (without requiring you to create a specific schema), retrieving it, and providing it to you in a strongly typed class. The following list details the steps involved in setting up a user profile for an ASP.NET website:
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Note that the XML value in the preceding code is shown in abbreviated form. Of course, you should specify the full-blown XML value. SQL Server 2005 also supports a new plan guide feature, which allows you to attach an XML plan to a query when you cannot or do not want to change the query's text directly by adding hints. You use the stored procedure sp_create_plan_guide to produce a plan guide for a query. You can find more details about it in Books Online. SQL Server 2005 also introduces several other interesting hints, among them the RECOMPILE and OPTIMIZE FOR query hints. I'll discuss those in Inside T-SQL Programming as part of the discussion about stored procedure compilations and recompilations.
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