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new Random().NextBytes(bytes); // Display the bytes Console.WriteLine(BitConverter.ToString(bytes)); // Decode the bytes into a base-64 string and show the string String s = Convert.ToBase64String(bytes); Console.WriteLine(s); // Encode the base-64 string back to bytes and show the bytes bytes = Convert.FromBase64String(s); Console.WriteLine(BitConverter.ToString(bytes)); } }
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FIGURE 8-4 Contact Associated View as seen on an account record
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An XML web service in ASP.NET is defined in an ASMX file. This file can be added directly to an existing website. This is useful if you want your website to expose web services in addition to webpages. Of course, you can also create an empty website project and use it for only ASMX web service files. A web service website works like any other ASP.NET website. It includes the standard ASP.NET folders, a Web.config file, and related elements. It is important to note that a web service is hosted within ASP.NET and by IIS; therefore, it has access to features such as session state, security model, configuration, and so on. Like a webpage, web services are exposed through URLs. This means that you access a web service by using your domain name followed by a page name, as in http://MyDomain /MyService.asmx. The resource for an XML web service is accessed through the ASMX file. This file is nothing more than a simple text file that is used as a pointer to the code for your web service. You add an ASMX file to your site for each web service you want to expose. You can do so by using the Add New Item dialog box and selecting the Web Service template. When you do, Visual Studio creates an ASMX file and puts a related class file inside the App_Code directory. As an example, suppose you want to write an XML web service that exposes methods related to working with the author data in Microsoft s sample database, Pubs. You might start by creating an ASMX file called Authors.asmx. This file would contain an @ WebService directive that points to the actual code for the web service. The following shows an example of the markup you would see in the ASMX file.
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Expression Blend has native support for the creation of Silverlight applications. When you start Expression Blend and create a new project, you have two options for creating Silverlight projects: Silverlight Application This option creates a boilerplate Silverlight application that contains everything you need to get started with building a Silverlight application. The boilerplate includes the requisite .NET assemblies, a properties folder containing the application manifest, the App.xaml with code-behind that defines the application entry points, and a basic page containing an empty canvas, along with code-behind. Silverlight Website This is the same as the Silverlight application template but adds a Web project that contains an HTML page that embeds the Silverlight application, along with the required JavaScript files.
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Figure 29-11 In feature-oriented integration, you integrate classes in groups that make up identifiable features usually, but not always, multiple classes at a time.
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This code fails with the following error:
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The SQL Server 2005 ranking functions can appear only in the SELECT and ORDER BY clauses of a query. The general form of a ranking function is as follows: ranking_function OVER([PARTITION BY col_list] ORDER BY col_list)
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Here are some tips for using strings. The first applies to strings in all languages.
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Logical Query Processing
The equivalent C# implementation using properties is
From the Start menu From a Windows Explorer folder (including Control Panel and Computer) From a common dialog box From the Search folder
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1 The CLR s Execution Model
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