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Writer Code-39 in .NET Designing an Application That Supports Plug In Components

<!-- User Service --> <inject property="userService" object="service:app.UserService"/> To inject the DynaDTO builder factory, we need to first define it in the hivemodule.xml file as follows: <!-- =================================================================== --> <!-- DynaDTO Builder Factory --> <!-- =================================================================== --> <service-point id="DynaBuilderFactory" interface="org.dynadto.BuilderFactory"> <invoke-factory service-id="app.JndiLookupFactory"> <construct resource="java:/dynadto/BuilderFactory" /> </invoke-factory> </service-point> The service point app.JndiLookupFactory is another custom HiveMind service created for the TechConf application that, similar to the EJB3Factory, does a simple JNDI lookup to return an object. Since the DynaDTO builder factory is available in the JNDI tree as shown in 5, we can use this HiveMind service to locate it. In the Register page definition we inject the builderFactory property as follows: <inject property="builderFactory" object="service:app.DynaBuilderFactory"/> In the page definition for the Register page, we define the components for the fields and labels used in the HTML template and any validation required. The simplest type of validator is the required validation which is shown in Listing 7-33. Listing 7-33. Simple Field Validation in the Register Page Specification <!-- First Name --> <component id="firstName" type="TextField"> <binding name="value" value="ognl:user.firstName"/> <binding name="validators" value="validators:required"/> <binding name="displayName" value="literal:First Name"/> </component> <component id="firstNameLabel" type="FieldLabel"> <binding name="field" value="component:firstName"/> </component> Tapestry includes other specific validators such an email validator. Listing 7-34 shows the component definition for the email field of the form. The email validator takes as a parameter a message that will be displayed (by the validation delegate). Validator messages are enclosed in square brackets.
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Page 271 Customizing the Table of Contents The table of contents displays links that the viewer can click to jump to a corresponding part of the presentation. The table of contents in Producer functions much like the table of contents for a book it provides a structure for your presentation so the viewer can quickly find the information he or she wants. You can customize the table of contents for a presentation. First, you must determine where the table of contents appears in relation to other parts of your presentation, such as video, audio, slides, or Web content. This positioning is determined by the #TOCDiv selector. In addition to positioning the table of contents, you can also customize how the entries in the table of contents display when an entry is playing or not playing; this is determined by the values for the .TOCEntryNormal and .TOCEntryNowPlaying selectors. You can change the font, font size, color, and formatting for entries in the table of contents by changing the values for the properties in these selectors. Step-by-Step: Customizing Table of Contents Display The following procedure describes the step-by-step process for customizing the table of contents and entries in the table of contents. The procedure shows the CSS code you can add to a standard template so the appearance, positioning, and entries in the table of contents are customized. 1. Using Notepad, open the copy of the customized presentation template. If you want to follow the procedures in this section, open the copy of the template named customizedsampletemplate.css in the folder customizedsampletemplate. 2. Edit the values for the properties of the #TOCDiv selector as shown below. #TOCDiv determines the display size and positioning of the table of contents. #TOCDiv {POSITION: absolute; TOP: 380px; LEFT: 52px; HEIGHT: 140px; WIDTH: 320px; WMAlignBottom: 19; /* Do not edit. */ } The table of contents is set to display 380 pixels from the top. This value is based on the positioning and size of the media player in the #MediaPlayerDiv section. For example, #MediaPlayerDiv starts 69 pixels from the top, and the div is 305 pixels high (305 + 69 = 374 pixels). A few extra pixels are included so some empty space
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The Mechanics of Exception Handling
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Class.forName(driver); Connection connection = DriverManager.getConnection(url, user, password); return new DatabaseConnection(connection); } /** * Creates a DbUnit dataset based on an XML file. * @param xmlFile path to an XML file containing the dataset * @return requested dataset */ public static IDataSet createDataSet(String file) throws Exception { return new XmlDataSet(new FileInputStream(Paths.BASEDIR + "/setup/data/dbunit/" + file)); } } To use DbUnit in your tests you interact with the DatabaseOperation class, which provides methods for operations performed against the database. The DbUnitUtils class provides methods to create a connection and create a DbUnit data set. Listing 8-23 shows the usage of the DbUnitUtils class in a TestNG class. In the init method, annotated to execute once before any test method in the test class, the DbUnitUtils class method createConnection is used to get a database connection and to load a dataset. The DatabaseOperation DbUnit class is then used to perform a CLEAN_INSERT operation using the connection and the loaded dataset. DbUnit supports several combinations of operations for inserting, updating, and deleting data from the database using a data set. The CLEAN_INSERT operation deletes all rows from tables in the data set and inserts the data contained in the data set. If you don t want to clear the database before the test but only want to modify the data, use the REFRESH operation, which only performs updates and inserts against the database.
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Up to now in this book, I have discussed only the process of developing Silverlight applications. In this chapter, I turn your focus to post development and discuss the topic of deploying your Silverlight applications.
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SELECT @thin_polygon. STAsText() AS Well_Known_Text;
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means all ) setting to indicate that all spiders should restrict their spidering based on the file contents. For example, the robots.txt file for restricting the contents of the forum directory and the clientlist.htm file would appear like this:
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Part II Advanced Features
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Reading and Writing Custom View State Data
Physical Environment
Part V
Change button for zone replication
<asp:UpdatePanel ID="UpdatePanel1" runat="server"> <Triggers> <asp:AsyncPostBackTrigger ControlID="ButtonSearch" EventName="Click" /> </Triggers> <ContentTemplate> ... Grid View markup ... </ContentTemplate> </asp:UpdatePanel>
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