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What Is Tapestry
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This causes the initiator of the conversation to disappear before the target is created so the conversation is never completely established and the conversation endpoint never goes away . To fix this, you need to get rid of the END CONVERSATION statement in the initiator logic, end the conversation from the target, and make sure there is a service running at the initiator to receive the end dialog message and end the conversation from that end . When you are sure your code is correctly ending conversations, you have to get rid of the excess accumulation of conversations . If you are fortunate enough to discover this problem while you re testing the application and you know that there are no messages in any queues that you need, you can get rid of all the conversations in the database with the ALTER DATABASE command:
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c. Correct: The CatalogZone container is required to hold the DeclarativeCatalogPart
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30. Programming Tools
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office to the Internet. Rather than having a router at a branch office make a long distance (or 1-800) call to a corporate or outsourced NAS, the router at the branch office can call a local ISP. The branch office router uses the con nection to the local ISP to create a VPN connection between the branch office router and the corporate hub router across the Internet.
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Allow Scriptlets
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Working with Client-side scripting, AjAX, and jQuery
3 . . Drag an UpdatePanel onto the page . Give the panel the ID UpdatePanelForProgress so that you can identify it later . Add the text This .is .from .the .update .panel, and then add a Button to the update panel that will begin a long-running operation . Give it the ID ButtonLongOperation and the text Activate Long Operation . 4 . . Add a Click event handler for the button . The easiest way to create a long-running operation is to put the thread to sleep for a few seconds, as shown here . By introducing a long-running operation, you have a way to test the UpdateProgress control and see how it works when the request takes a long time to complete .
Implementing the DAO Pattern with Spring
1 Web Application Basics
Adds all of the elements of an ICollection (which includes arrays) to the end of the ArrayList.
Figure 3-2. Visiting the Holiday department
To address a different weekday, substitute the anchor date in the last weekday calculation to the applicable one . For example, the following expression returns the last occurrence of a Tuesday in the reference month:
To delete a list from a SharePoint site, follow these steps: 1. Click Modify Settings and Columns in the Actions menu on the left side of the list s page. 2. Click Delete this list in the General Settings section of the Customize page. 3. Click OK to confirm that you want the list deleted. The list is completely removed from the site and the data is no longer available.
distributed applications can easily detect where problems occur and fix them regardless of whether the problem occurred on the client or the server. Here is how the server s stack trace gets marshaled back to the client. When an Exception derived object is serialized, the stack trace information is serialized as a string. When the object is deserialized, the new Exception derived object saves the string in a private field. From now on, when you request the StackTrace property on this new object, the string returned contains the stack from the point where the exception is caught to the point where the new exception object was thrown. Appended to this string is the string from the internal field. In other words, the string returned from the StackTrace property contains the complete trace from where the server originally threw the exception to the point where the client catches the exception.
Phone.Dial BetterPhone.EstablishConnection
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