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Of course, programmers can always write a program using 0 to represent white, 1 to represent red, and so on . However, programmers shouldn t hard-code numbers into their code and should use an enumerated type instead, for at least two reasons:
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Nothing helps when working with a new Web framework as actually building a functioning Web application. Like any other Java servlet or JSP-based framework, the deployable unit for a Tapestry application is a WAR file. Let s take a step-by-step approach at building our first Tapestry application. This application would start as a very simple single page application producing some content dynamically. Dynamic content is what differentiates a Web application from a static website, and it means only that the information your website or application displays varies based on some conditions. Examples of dynamic content include news sites, product catalogs where entries change and users can accumulate a shopping cart of items, and online polls and statistics. Before we get started, let s create a directory structure for the application. Figure 7-1 shows the directory structure for the tapestry-time application.
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When the CLR COM server is loaded into a Windows process, it initializes. Part of this initialization is to create the managed heap that all reference objects get allocated in and garbage collected from. In addition, the CLR creates a thread pool usable by any of the managed types whose assemblies are loaded into the process. While initializing, the CLR also creates an AppDomain. An AppDomain is a logical container for a set of assemblies. The first AppDomain created when the CLR initializes is called the default AppDomain; this AppDomain is destroyed only when the Windows process terminates. NoteIn version 1 of the .NET Framework, no more than one CLR COM server object can exist in a Windows process, and this CLR COM server object can t be destroyed until the hosting process terminates; that is, CorBindToRuntimeEx creates an instance of a CLR COM server and returns a pointer to an ICorRuntimeHost interface. Calling the AddRef and Release methods on this interface has no effect. In addition, a single host process can create only one instance of a CLR COM server. If a single host process calls CorBindToRuntimeEx multiple times, the same ICorRuntimeHost pointer is returned every time. In addition to the default AppDomain, a host can instruct the CLR to create additional AppDomains. Moreover, code in a managed assembly can also tell the CLR to create additional AppDomains. Three characteristics of AppDomains make them useful: AppDomains are isolated from one another An AppDomain can t see the objects created by a different AppDomain. This enforces a clean separation because code in one AppDomain can t have a direct reference to an object created in a different AppDomain. This isolation allows AppDomains to easily be unloaded from a process. AppDomains can be unloaded The CLR doesn t support the ability to unload a single assembly. However, you can tell the CLR to unload an AppDomain and all the assemblies currently contained in it.
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Using Linear Key Frames
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Although managed properties provide an effective mechanism to prevent users from changing or breaking your solution, they are not intended to manage the following:
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There are different formulas for creating these two data series . For example:
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IBuildAgent[] buildAgents = buildServer.QueryBuildAgents("Contoso");
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Using Figure 9-5 as an example, you can find another exemplary instruction to create such charts: 1. Generate the master form with two data series from the range B5:D17, and format the basic design of the chart . 2. Generate and test the formulas (range E5:G17) . 3. Transfer the additional data series with reference to the range F5:G17 to the chart . In the context menu of the chart, click Select Data, then click Add in the dialog box for Legend Entries (Series), and define the reference . 4. Finally, format the two new data series so that only their markers are visible . Don t get confused, the two visible symbols have the same format but are markers of two different data lines .
One of the maddening things about HTML is just how flexible it can be and how forgiving many browsers are about sloppy HTML. The flip side of that flexibility is that other browsers are not so flexible, and so code that s not exactly correct might perform well in one browser yet produce nothing in another. One area in which it s easy to misuse HTML is with HTML tables. If you use Microsoft Word, you might be familiar with the powerful table features. I ve never done any serious work in the financial areas most often associated with tables, but I ve used tables extensively to properly format many different types of documents, including some of the text for this book. Tables can be useful when you re using variable-pitch fonts and trying to get more than a single column to align. But wait, you say, I don t need to do that in my ASP.NET application. Well, I think you might. As you ve seen, the underlying metalanguage used to describe the user interface in an ASP.NET application is different from what you d expect in a standard Visual Basic application. In addition, the underlying assumptions about what you can do and what the metalanguage was designed to convey are also quite different. In a Visual Basic application, you might drop a widget in a particular location and expect that it will always appear exactly there on any machine that runs the application. HTML is different. Remember, HTML was designed as a markup language that basically gave hints to the browser as to the location of various text and widgets. The browser was free to render these components as best it could, using widgets native to the underlying operating system to render an approximation of what you laid out. Unlike in Visual Basic, there s no convenient way in HTML to use absolute positioning to exactly locate a text box at, say, 1 inch below and 2 inches to the right of the upper left of the screen. Dynamic HTML (DHTML) and style sheets offer greater control over positioning, but not all browsers in use today support all the same DHTML syntax; even where the syntax is compatible, the results are often not identical across different browsers. Look again at Figure B-1. Even though the underlying HTML text might be formatted in a particular way, with indentation and line breaks to allow the
Custom Task Requirements
FIGURE 7-20 Sketches of a Key Point slide and Explanation slides using a checklist to visually tie them tightly together.
The command prompt works identically in all editions of Windows Vista .
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