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Complete the code as shown in Listing 2-1. Let s test the template abilities of the Eclipse Java editor by typing sysout and Ctrl+Space. The string sysout is the identifier of one of the many predefined templates. You can explore the existing templates and create your own by selecting Window Preferences, which will bring up the Preferences window. In the left pane, expand the items under Java, then Editor, and then Templates to browse or create new templates. Ctrl+Space can also be used to invoke the code assist feature, which opens a scrollable list of possible code completions. Listing 2-1. A Simple Java Class package com.integrallis.j2se; public class GreeterImpl implements Greeter { public String greet() { return "Hello World"; } public String greet(String name) { return "Hello " + name; } public static void main(String[] args) { Greeter greeter = new GreeterImpl(); System.out.println(greeter.greet()); System.out.println(greeter.greet("Michael")); } }
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IL is stack-based, which means that all of its instructions push operands onto an execution stack and pop results off the stack . Because IL offers no instructions to manipulate registers, it is easy for people to create new languages and compilers that produce code targeting the CLR . IL instructions are also typeless . For example, IL offers an add instruction that adds the last two operands pushed on the stack . There are no separate 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the add instruction . When the add instruction executes, it determines the types of the operands on the stack and performs the appropriate operation . In my opinion, the biggest benefit of IL isn t that it abstracts away the underlying CPU . The biggest benefit IL provides is application robustness and security . While compiling IL into native CPU instructions, the CLR performs a process called verification . Verification examines the high-level IL code and ensures that everything the code does is safe . For example, verification checks that every method is called with the correct number of parameters, that each parameter passed to every method is of the correct type, that every method s return value is used properly, that every method has a return statement, and so on . The managed module s metadata includes all of the method and type information used by the verification process . In Windows, each process has its own virtual address space . Separate address spaces are necessary because you can t trust an application s code . It is entirely possible (and unfortunately, all too common) that an application will read from or write to an invalid memory address . By placing each Windows process in a separate address space, you gain robustness and stability; one process can t adversely affect another process . By verifying the managed code, however, you know that the code doesn t improperly access memory and can t adversely affect another application s code . This means that you can run multiple managed applications in a single Windows virtual address space .
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ReadyBoost technology takes advantage of the fact that flash memory offers lower seek times than hard disks. Essentially that means that your system can get to a given location on a flash disk more quickly than it can to a corresponding spot on a hard disk. Hard disks are faster for large sequential reads; flash disks are quicker for small, random reads. When a supported external memory device is available, ReadyBoost caches small chunks in flash memory and is thus able to retrieve those chunks, when needed, more quickly than it could if it relied only on the hard disk. Because an external memory device can be removed without warning to the system, all data cached via ReadyBoost is encrypted and backed up on the hard disk (as well as be-
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Managing Security Settings
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A program without logic is merely a calculator. Computers don t just perform single operations on data. They also use logic to determine different courses of action. A basic form of logic is to use comparison operators within expressions to make decisions. Consider a system that demands the user be over a certain age: age = 10 puts "You're too young to use this system" if age < 18
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Part V
Figure 13-5: Processing a Web service call. Setting Caching Properties As mentioned, the CacheDuration property of the WebMethodAttribute class sets the length of time in seconds that the Web service should cache the page output. This feature demonstrates once again the tight integration between Web services and the ASP.NET run-time infrastructure. The CacheDuration property is implemented using the ASP.NET Cache object. Just before instantiating the server object, the Web service handler configures the Cache object. In particular, the Web service handler sets the cache to work on the server, as shown here: Response.Cache.SetCacheability(HttpCacheability.Server); In addition, the Web service handler sets the expiration time and configures the caching subsystem for parametric output, as follows: Response.Cache.VaryByHeaders["SOAPAction"] = true; Response.Cache.VaryByParams["*"] = true;
In the additional argument (@n), you specify the block size (how many sequence values you need). The stored procedure increments the current sequence value by @n and returns the rst value in the block via the @val output parameter. This procedure allocates the block of sequence values from @val to @val + @n 1. The following code provides an example of acquiring and using a whole block of sequence values:
Table 11-8. XmlTextReader Methods That Return Content from the Current Node
8, Silverlight Core Controls, introduces you to the Microsoft Silverlight control set and provides you with a tour through some of the basic controls, such as TextBox and CheckBox. However, modern, rich, interactive applications (RIAs) tend to require controls that are much more sophisticated, such as data-bound grids, calendars, and more. In this chapter, you learn about how to use these controls in your Silverlight applications. Some of these controls, such as the DataGrid, are worthy of a book of their own, so you won t get the full control API here, but you should gain enough knowledge about these advanced controls to understand what is going on when you use them. Then, you can begin experimenting on your own and learn more about how they work.
Using Eclipse
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This is a particularly realistic example because it shows that you can t reduce the nesting level for free; you have to put up with a more complicated test in return for the reduced level of nesting. A reduction from four levels to two is a big improvement in readability, however, and is worth considering.
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