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Most applications include a certain amount of logic that supports identity-related features. Applications that can t rely on Windows Integrated authentication tend to have more of this than applications that do. For example, Web-facing applications that store user names and passwords must handle password reset, lockout, and other issues. Enterprise-facing applications that use Windows Integrated authentication can rely on the domain controller. But even with Windows Integrated authentication, there are still challenges. Kerberos tickets only give you a user s account and a list of groups. What if your application needs to send e-mail to the user What if you need the e-mail address of the user s manager This starts to get complicated quickly, even within a single domain. To go beyond Kerberos s limitations, you need to program Active Directory. This is not a simple task, especially if you want to build ef cient Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) queries that don t slow down your directory server. Claims-based identity allows you to factor out the authentication logic from individual applications. Instead of the application determining who the user is, it receives claims that identify the user.
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static void Main() { // Displays "0" Console.WriteLine(Add()); }
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The Workspace tab shown in Figure 10-5 allows you to de ne which version control folders Team Build will get to execute the build. You can specify multiple folders to get by adding additional working folder mappings with a status of Active, or you can prevent Team Build from getting a folder by changing the status of the mapping from Active to Cloak, as demonstrated in Figure 10-6, which downloads the Source and Docs folders but not the Docs/Mockups folder.
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public delegate void EntryWrittenEventHandler(object sender, EntryWrittenEventArgs e);
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Maintaining a Network Infrastructure (5.0)
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The Law of Closure
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Objective 1.4 Questions 1.
Can you create or configure resource records for domain1.local through the COMPUTER2 node in the DNS console
Because Actions is an enumerated type, you can use all the methods described in the previous section when working with bit flag enumerated types. However, it would be nice if some of those functions behaved a little differently. For example, let s say you had the following code:
In addition to the Default Public View, Microsoft Dynamics CRM includes four other System-Defined Views:
At this point, close all connections .
6. Load the intermediate language (IL) code from the .dll le into the Performance database by running the following code:
What s Bad About User Controls
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