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Once you have an Encoding-derived object, you can convert a string or an array of characters to an array of bytes by calling the GetBytes method . (Several overloads of this method exist .) To convert an array of bytes to an array of characters, call the GetChars method or the more useful GetString method . (Several overloads exist for both of these methods .) The preceding code demonstrated calls to the GetBytes and GetString methods . All Encoding-derived types offer a GetByteCount method that obtains the number of bytes necessary to encode a set of characters without actually encoding . Although GetByteCount isn t especially useful, you can use this method to allocate an array of bytes . There s also a GetCharCount method that returns the number of characters that would be decoded without actually decoding them . These methods are useful if you re trying to save memory and reuse an array . The GetByteCount/GetCharCount methods aren t that fast because they must analyze the array of characters/bytes in order to return an accurate result . If you prefer speed to an exact result, you can call the GetMaxByteCount or GetMaxCharCount method instead . Both methods take an integer specifying the number of characters or number of bytes and return a worst-case value . Each Encoding-derived object offers a set of public read-only properties that you can query to obtain detailed information about the encoding . See the .NET Framework SDK documentation for a description of these properties . To illustrate most of the properties and their meanings, I wrote the following program that displays the property values for several different encodings:
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DECLARE @startdt AS DATE = '20090101', @enddt AS DATE = '20091231';
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By using a Web browser to request a user certificate By using the Certificates snap-in to request a user certificate By importing a user certificate using the Certificates snap-in By executing a CAPICOM script that requests a user certificate
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Before you begin the installation, make sure that your machine supports all of the prerequisites. If your server is already running Joomla and MySQL, you will very likely be able to install SMF without any trouble. The minimum requirements include the following: PHP 4.1.0 or higher (it can be running on Apache or Microsoft IIS) MySQL 3.23.4 or higher The PHP engine directive set to On The PHP magic_quotes_sybase directive set to Off The PHP session.save_path parameter set to a valid, writable path The PHP upload_tmp_dir parameter set to a valid, writable path The PHP file_uploads directive set to On Once you have established that your web server can execute SMF, you can download it from the SMF web site, at Three basic download packages are available: full install, large upgrade, small update, and web install. Since I presume you ve never before installed SMF, the full install is probably your best bet. Alternatively, you can do the web install if you feel comfortable with that option.
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This setting will enforce Authenticode signature validation on any interactive applications requesting elevation. If an enterprise runs only Authenticode-signed programs, this setting can increase security by controlling which application publishers are allowed to run with elevated privileges. However, most users would experience significant application compatibility problems if they tried to use this setting, which is why it is disabled by default.
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.NET provides functionality for creating strings that contain formatted representations of other data types. This includes the use of formatting conventions for different regions, cultures, and languages. Java provides similar capabilities through the java.text.MessageFormat class, among others; however, the implementations are sufficiently different that it is easier, and more instructive, just to discuss the .NET implementation on its own. Formatting functionality is exposed through overloaded methods in a number of classes in which string output is generated. The most commonly used methods are
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Ch aPt er 13 W eB a P P L IC a tION Fr a MeW O r K S : r a I LS , S I N a t r a , a N D r a M a Z e
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The following section explores each of the eleven UAC group policies supported on Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008. These settings can be applied locally using the Local Security Policy editor or across an enterprise by using Group Policy.
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In the destructor, a reference to MyObject is created from the static object in the Holder class. When the finalizer thread has called this method, the object is placed on the finalizer queue, but because there's a valid reference from the Holder class, it won't be collected. Calling GC.ReRegisterForFinalize ensures that the destructor will be called again if the reference in Holder is set to null and the object is collected. Resurrection rarely represents good practice and should be used with caution.
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Download at
FIGURE 7-61 The Global Catalog server warning when demoting your source SBS 2003 server
Extended stored procedures These procedures allow you to create external routines with a programming language such as C using the Extended Stored Procedure API . These were used in older versions of SQL Server to extend the functionality of the product . External routines were written using the Extended Stored Procedure API, compiled to a .dll file, and registered as extended stored procedures in SQL Server . They were used like user-defined stored procedures with T-SQL . In SQL Server 2008, extended stored procedures are supported for backward compatibility and will be removed in a future version of SQL Server . Now you can rely on the .NET integration in the product and develop CLR stored procedures, as well as other types of routines . I ll cover CLR procedures later in the chapter .
And then, you can give status to the user based on the current status like this:
You do not store non-string resources such as images as resources. Rather, you store the name of the file and its path that the item represents. The resource XML stores information that will link you to the actual file. You can then map this information to a control property such as an Image control s ImageUrl property.
As covered in the introduction to this chapter, Windows Server 2008 has more than 100 available services that can be installed, depending on which roles and features are enabled. The document Windows Server 2008 Services by Role found on the companion CD contains a table that shows the status of the various services under each server role. Administrators can refer to the table when attempting to minimize the number of running services to reduce attack surface area.
If Internet Explorer appears to be reading from the cache when it should be downloading afresh (for example, if you find yourself looking at yesterday s headlines on a newspaper site), hold down the Shift key while you click Refresh .
USE tempdb; IF OBJECT_ID('dbo.OrdersDups') IS NOT NULL DROP TABLE dbo.OrdersDups; GO SELECT orderid, custid, empid, orderdate INTO dbo.OrdersDups FROM InsideTSQL2008.Sales.Orders CROSS JOIN dbo.Nums WHERE n <= 3;
Troubleshooting Lab, Troubleshoot IPSec
Figure 10.8 A PowerPoint slide with on-click animations. You can set the timing for slides with on-click slides animations in several ways: Using the Rehearse Timings command on the Slide Show menu in PowerPoint. Using the Record Narration command on the Slide Show menu in PowerPoint. Using the Microsoft Producer PowerPoint add-in program. Using the Narrate slides with video and audio or Narrate slides with audio capturing options in the Capture Wizard in Producer. Using the Synchronize Slides dialog box in Producer. On-click animations let you control when the slide animation or slide transition appears. Therefore, when you set the slide timings in PowerPoint or Producer, the timings of the slide, animations, and transitions are determined by when the presenter clicks the mouse to go to the next slide event. When a slide with an on-click animation is added to the Slide track of the timeline, the slide is displayed with small stars, as shown in Figure 10.9. Each star indicates an individual on-click effect and when it appears in the slide. If the slide timings for on-click animations are not set in PowerPoint, or if the effects are not synchronized with audio or video in Producer, the animations are evenly spaced during the duration of the slide when it is added to the Slide track. Furthermore, if a slide is trimmed, the slide animations move so they are still evenly spaced during the duration of the slide on the timeline. However, the timings of these slide animations are not changed if you increase the amount of time the slide displays in your presentation.
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