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candidates for much deeper and frequent testing whereas the remainder can be covered with a tightly controlled set of basic compatibility tests. Built on a Server The great opportunity for Microsoft in our S+S strategy is to use our rich desktop clients and our enterprise servers in the services world. In some cases, a service is built from the ground up using a much stripped down version of the Windows Server operating system and in some cases a simplified Web server. Many of our enterprise server products such as Microsoft Office SharePoint Server and Microsoft SQL Server provide the core technology for a service. When a service is built on a server product, there has already been a lot of testing on that product, so we don't need to retest core functionality. However, two areas in particular do need substantial focus. The first (and most obvious) is the integration of the new code written on top of the server and the interaction between the service and the server. The majority of the early bugs will be around basic functionality and in the public APIs of the server product. As the code stabilizes, we often start to find issues around performance and diagnosability between the new Web service components and the underlying enterprise server product. One example is when a lock occurs on an object that wasn't designed to deal with multiple simultaneous reads or writes. Scenarios like this are often considered by design for an enterprise offering, and the cryptic error messages presented when something like this happens can often be difficult to use in diagnosing the root cause. The second area is testing the server product itself for manageability and scalability in a large-scale datacenter environment. In many cases, we deploy and configure the enterprise server product so that it functions at Internet scale. Often additional work is needed to make the remote maintenance of the server fully automated so that no person needs to enter the datacenter and touch the actual computer. Improvements in these areas can lower operational expenses and help a service become profitable. In these scenarios, test focuses on not just finding bugs but finding improvements to drive into the server product for future releases. Platform Services vs. Top-Level Services In Part 1, Figure 14-4 shows how Microsoft's services are becoming more and more layered. We know this is also true of many of our major competitors. This approach of building services on top of each other is not unlike that used in building the layers of an operating system or even the Open Systems Interconnection Basic Reference Model (OSI model) for networking. Lower down in the stack is where you will find critical platform services such as WLID. The branded services such as Office Live that directly generate revenue are much higher in the stack. Behind the Virtual Earth service (maps.live.com) is a series of infrastructure services that take all the satellite and low-level flyover photos and turn them into tiles. Figure 14-5 shows a conceptual example of the AutionCloud.com mashup that integrates eBay with Zillow. Zillow is itself a mashup of several other services. As the stack becomes deeper and ownership is spread across multiple organizations and companies, debugging problems in a service can become ever more complex. .
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<register type="MyNewObject"> <lifetime type="singleton" /> <constructor> <param name="defaultDB" /> <param name="departmentName" value="Customer Service" /> </constructor> </register>
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Figure 1-2: The XMLDOM API is built on top of readers and writers, but both XSLT and XPath expressions need to have a complete and XMLDOM-based vision of the entire XML document to process it. XML readers and writers are the primitive elements of the .NET XML API. Whenever XML text must be parsed or written, all classes, directly or indirectly, refer to them. A more complex primitive element is the XMLDOM tree. Transformations and advanced queries must rely on the document in its entirety being held in memory and accessible through a well-known interface the XMLDOM. The XSLT Processor The key class for XSLT is XslTransform. The class works as an XSLT processor and complies with version 1.0 of the XSLT recommendation. The class has two key methods, Load and Transform, whose behavior is for the most part selfexplanatory. Once you acquire an instance of the XslTransform class, you first load the source of an XSL document that contains the transformation rules. By calling the Transform method, you actually perform the conversion from native XML to the output format. Prior to applying the transformation, the underlying XML document is loaded as a kind of XMLDOM tree. (The details of XSLT are covered in 7.) 18
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By default, the CLR assigns a separate thread for the garbage collector (GC); this is known as concurrent garbage collection because the GC thread runs alongside application threads. Applications that are heavily multithreaded can gain performance benefits from disabling GC concurrency, as shown here:
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Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft Encyclopedia of Networking, Second Edition. Redmond, Washington: Microsoft Press, 2002. See entries for DNS, Domain Name System (DNS), and Dynamic DNS (DDNS).
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Computer Name:
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Fleshing Out the Rest of Act II
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Do You Need an Antivirus Program
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Understanding the exception mechanism is certainly important . It is equally important to understand how to use exceptions wisely . All too often, I see library developers catching all kinds of exceptions, preventing the application developer from knowing that a problem occurred . In this section, I offer some guidelines for developers to be aware of when using exceptions . Important If you re a class library developer developing types that will be used by other developers, take these guidelines very seriously . You have a huge responsibility: You re trying to design the type in your class library so that it makes sense for a wide variety of applications . Remember that you don t have intimate knowledge of the code that you re calling back (via delegates, virtual methods, or interface methods) . And you don t know which code is calling you . It s not feasible to anticipate every situation in which your type will be used, so don t make any policy decisions . Your code must not decide what conditions constitute an error; let the caller make that decision . In addition, watch state very closely and try not to corrupt it . Verify arguments passed to your method by using code contracts (discussed later in this chapter) . Try not to modify state at all . If you do modify state, then be ready for a failure and then try to restore state . If you follow the guidelines in this chapter, application developers will not have a difficult time using the types in your class library . If you re an application developer, define whatever policy you think is appropriate . Following the design guidelines in this chapter will help you discover problems in your code before it is released, allowing you to fix them and make your application more robust . However, feel free to diverge from these guidelines after careful consideration . You get to set the policy . For example, application code can get more aggressive about catching exceptions than class library code .
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In a typical enterprise deployment, the certificate infrastructure is configured using single-root certification authority (CA) in a three-level hierarchy consisting of a root CA, intermediate CAs, and issuing CAs. Medium-sized organizations should use a two-level hierarchy consisting of a root CA and issuing CAs. Small organizations can use a single CA that is both the root CA and the issuing CA. For virtual private network (VPN) connections, issuing CAs are configured to issue computer certificates or user certificates. When the computer or user certificate is installed on the VPN client, the issuing CA certificate, intermediate CA certificates, and the root CA certificate are also installed. When the computer certificate is installed on the authenticating server, the issuing CA certificate, intermediate CA certificates, and the root CA certificate are also installed. The issuing CA for the computer certificate installed on the authenticating server can be different than the issuing CA for the VPN client certificates. In this case, both the VPN client and the authenticating server computer have all the required certificates to perform certifi cate validation for both Internet Protocol Security (IPSec) and Extensible Authenti cation Protocol-Transport Layer Security (EAP-TLS) authentication. When deploying a certificate infrastructure, use the following best practices:
return ( _T ( "EXCEPTION_FLT_DENORMAL_OPERAND" ) ) ; 496
E xErcIsE 2 Consuming a WCF Service
On the IP tab of the profile settings, the following TCP/IP packet filters are
Note that if you run this query you probably won t get exactly 1,000 rows. I ll explain why shortly. You can specify TABLESAMPLE on a table-by-table basis. Following the TABLESAMPLE keyword, you can optionally specify the sampling method to use. Currently, SQL Server supports only the SYSTEM method, which is also the default if no method is speci ed. In the future, we might see additional algorithms. Per ANSI, the SYSTEM keyword represents an implementation-dependent sampling method. This means you will nd different algorithms implemented in different products when using the SYSTEM method. In SQL Server, the SYSTEM method implements the same sampling algorithm used to sample pages to generate distribution statistics. You can use either the ROWS or the PERCENT keyword to specify how many rows you would like to get back. Based on your inputs, SQL Server calculates random values to gure out whether a page should be returned. Note that the decision of whether to read a portion of data is done at the page level. This fact, along with the fashion in which SQL Server determines whether to pick a page based on a random factor, means that you won t necessarily get the exact number of rows that you asked for; rather, you ll get a fairly close value. The more rows you request, the more likely you are to get a result set size close to what you requested.
There are two issues you need to be aware of when setting these AppDomain-wide breakpoints. The first is that breakpoints set this way aren't saved across executions. Consider the example in which we added a breakpoint while debugging on Console.WriteLine. The Breakpoints window will show "Console.WriteLine" when you re-execute the program, but the breakpoint changes to a question mark glyph and the breakpoint changes to unresolved and will never be set. Second, you can set these AppDomain-wide breakpoints only when the instruction pointer is sitting in code in which you have a PDB file. If you try to set the breakpoint in the Disassembly window with no source code available, the breakpoint will be set only as unresolved and never activated. Although you might think I've beaten the topic of setting quick location breakpoints to death, there's still one completely non-obvious but extremely powerful place to set location breakpoints. Figure 5-5 shows the Find combo box on the toolbar. If you type the name of the class and method you want to break on in that combo box and press F9, a breakpoint on that method is set if that method exists. If you specify an overloaded method, the system will automatically set breakpoints on all the overloaded methods. The Find combo box is a little more discriminating in that if it can't set the breakpoint, it won't. Additionally, like the Breakpoint dialog box, if you're working on a C++ project, specifying the class name in the Find combo box and pressing F9 will set a breakpoint on each method in that class.
function handleOpened(sender, args) { var marker = sender.getHost().content.createFromXaml( "<TimelineMarker Time='0:0:10'" + " Type='My Temp Marker' Text='Dynamically Added Marker Marker' />"); sender.markers.add(marker); }
netstat -a | grep ftp
files.sources += photo1.jpg photo2.jpg photo3.jpg symbian { files.path = /images DEPLOYMENT += files } unix { files.path = /usr/local/share/photoeditor/samples INSTALLS += files }
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