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The network provider order should specify Microsoft Windows Network ahead of NetWare. For the connection to Network Adapter A, you should specify Client Service For NetWare ahead of Client For Microsoft Networks. For the connection to Network Adapter B, you should specify Cli ent For Microsoft Networks ahead of Client Service For NetWare.
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Now, let me show you the code for a named-pipe client class that is also implemented using the APM . Notice that the PipeClient class is structured identically to the PipeServer class .
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You also have a knife, and you're supposed to cut the cake into two equal portionsequal in terms of the amount of cake and the amount of frosting. How can you accomplish this task with a single straight cut
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Listing 11-7. Assigning Values to User-Defined Variables with DEFINE SQL> define x=7500 SQL> select ename from employees 2 where empno between &x and &x+100; ENAME -------WARD JONES SQL> The DEFINE command in Listing 11-7 stores the user-defined variable X with its value 7500. That s why SQL*Plus doesn t prompt for a value for X anymore in Listing 11-7. The SQL*Plus DEFINE command not only allows you to assign values to user-defined variables, but also to display current values. Using the DEFINE command, you can display the value of a specific variable. You can also display a complete listing of all user-defined variables by not specifying a variable name and just entering the DEFINE command itself. The SQL*Plus UNDEFINE command allows you to remove a user-defined variable. Listing 11-8 shows examples of DEFINE and UNDEFINE. Listing 11-8. DEFINE and UNDEFINE Examples SQL> def x DEFINE X = "7500" (CHAR)
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The movable vertical line includes a variable gap that adapts precisely to the amplitude of the selected measurement value data points at each position, including some additional space . It seems to be tunneling through the two data series . An optical illusion Of course, but a quite interesting one . Because this is not possible with the previously described usage of high-low lines . But how is it possible
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from the playlist, right-click the item in the List pane and click Remove From List . name . Your custom list will contain the same tracks as the original, but you can now always play back your list in your custom order, and you can rearrange the order whenever you like .
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Within private networks, DNS servers enable clients to resolve computer names defined within the private namespace. However, when DNS servers are properly configured and connected to the Internet, they can also allow clients to resolve Internetbased names without querying external name servers directly.
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Creating and installing a publisher policy assembly
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Data type
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The FCL has many methods that have type names as part of their method names . For example, the BinaryReader type offers methods such as ReadBoolean, ReadInt32, ReadSingle, and so on, and the System.Convert type offers methods such as ToBoolean, ToInt32, ToSingle, and so on . Although it s legal to write the following code, the line with float feels very unnatural to me, and it s not obvious that the line is correct:
Figure 5-23. The Module Manager can be used to manage or delete active modules.
TABLE 14-4
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Perceiving, Interpreting, Understanding
Zone replication scope settings for the lucernepublishing.com domain
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