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Basic Approach
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Lesson 1
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The function might return more than one row for the same source and target cities. To return shortest paths and distances, use the following query:
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Windows PowerShell, described by Microsoft as next-generation Microsoft commandline shell automation and scripting technology, was still under construction as this book went to press. A wealth of information about Windows PowerShell was already available, however, at http://www.vista-io.com/3009. You can read introductory documentation there, peruse a quick-start command reference, browse sample scripts, watch webcasts, and read an interview with Jeffrey Snover, the product s software architect. You ll also find a PowerShell blog at http://www.vista-io.com/3010.
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In the business folder, create a new file named customer.php that will contain the Customer class. The Customer class is a little longer, and it mainly accesses the data tier functionality to respond to requests that come from the presentation tier. Write the following code in the business/customer.php file: < php // Business tier class that manages customer accounts functionality class Customer { // Checks if a customer_id exists in session public static function IsAuthenticated() { if (!(isset ($_SESSION['hatshop_customer_id']))) return 0; else return 1; } // Returns customer_id and password for customer with email $email public static function GetLoginInfo($email) { // Build the SQL query $sql = 'SELECT * FROM customer_get_login_info(:email);';
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New Capabilities in Windows Server 2008
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We mention some of these at the end of the chapter. Regardless, at least reading about how SQL works is going to be beneficial to you in the long term.
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Installation and Initial Con guration
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Supported Task Input and Output Types
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Requires that every control have a Canvas.Top and Canvas.Left property attached to define its position on the canvas. The layout is limited to stacks of items. Spacing is limited to adding margins to the individual controls and to adjusting the alignment (with the VerticalAlignment and HorizontalAlignment properties).
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Most Web applications follow a relatively simple pattern. They fetch data from data sources, manipulate it to fit into a nice-looking HTML layout, and then send the resulting markup to the browser. Consequently, developers commonly use ASP.NET (and other server-side programming environments) to display a data-driven user interface. ASP.NET 1.x has an extremely flexible and generic data binding architecture that is optimized for performance and can give developers full control of the page life cycle. Developers can link data-bound controls such as the DataGrid and the DropDownList to any collection of data that implements the IEnumerable interface (such as the DataView) or any objects that support the members of the IListSource interface (such as DataSet and DataTable). While this approach represents a quantum leap from classic ASP, it still requires page developers to learn a lot of architectural details to create even relatively simple read-only pages. A Web developer who knows only ASP, HTML, JavaScript, and a little ADO and SQL (or equivalent tools) will get into trouble if she is left alone to decide how (or whether) to design a distributed query, a scalable update strategy, or a master/detail view. And experienced developers have to continually reimplement the same pattern to access data sources, get data, and make the data consistent with the programming interface of data controls. The key issue with ASP.NET data binding is a lack of a higher-level and possibly declarative model for data fetching and manipulation (edit, insert, and delete). As a result, an ASP.NET 1.x data access layer is boring to write and requires hundreds of lines of code even for relatively simple scenarios.
Finally, since this is a keyframe animation, keyframes are defined within the animation. In your case, only one keyframe is defined, 2 seconds (KeyTime="00:00:02") into the storyboard. In the first animation, 2 seconds into the storyboard s timeline, the value of the Width property will be changed to 400: <SplineDoubleKeyFrame KeyTime="00:00:02" Value="400"/>
Note With two option fields, known as bit fields in SQL, you may be wondering what we mean
Recording a Program or Series
The ASP.NET DataGrid server control is a reasonably flexible control that allows you to create grids to display, edit, and delete rows of data. Figure 9-1 shows a simple grid for displaying some of the Customer table data. In addition to the data columns (CustomerID, CompanyName, UserName, Password, and DateEntered), there are two additional columns. The first column contains an Edit link for each row, and the second column contains a Delete link for each row. In a traditional Visual Basic 6.0 data-bound grid, you d generally just navigate to the row in question and type away. The Edit and Delete links are used to place a single row in edit mode and delete a single row. When you click on the Edit link in one of the rows, the data grid changes the row to edit mode, as shown in Figure 9-2.
Using File Server Resource Manager
D. Correct: You implement the IHttpModule interface to create an HTTP module for handling
Note The Enum class defines a HasFlag method defined as follows:
spatial_reference_id authority_name authorized_spatial_reference_id well_known_text
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