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WHERE s.supplierid = i.supplierid AND s.during.Includes(i.during) = 1) ) BEGIN RAISERROR('Suppliers are allowed to supply products only in periods they have a contract!', 16, 1); ROLLBACK TRAN; END END; GO
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C ha P ter 13 W eB a PP LI C a t I O N F r a M e W O r K S : r a I LS , S I N a t r a , a N D r a M a Z e
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Lesson 4
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Server Sockets
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Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2008: T-SQL Querying
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Handling Tax and Shipping Charges
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For information about the Event Viewer snap-in, see 22, Monitoring System Activities with Event Viewer . For more general information about using Microsoft Management Console, see Appendix C, Using and Customizing Microsoft Management Console .
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And here is some code that demonstrates calling some of these methods . As you can see, the code looks as if I m calling methods on the enumerated type:
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Advanced Topics
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The CLR can abort a thread if the thread is taking too long to execute and return a response . (I ll discuss this more in the next section .) The CLR can unload an AppDomain . This aborts all of the threads that are in the AppDomain and causes the problematic code to be unloaded . The CLR can be disabled . This stops any more managed code from executing in the process, but unmanaged code is still allowed to run . The CLR can exit the Windows process . This aborts all of the threads and unloads all of the AppDomains first so that cleanup operations occur, and then the process terminates .
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The ASP.NET Runtime Environment
A method can register its interest in the event . A method can unregister its interest in the event . Registered methods will be notified when the event occurs .
whichever style you like in your own code. The main disadvantage of using the class name rather than self is that using self makes it easier to rename the class later on without having to update the names of all your class methods.
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