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<%@Page language="C# %> <%@Import namespace="System.Drawing %> <script runat="server"> void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e) { if (!IsPostBack) { // Store a default value for the Links property if (Profile.Links.Count == 0) { Profile.Links.Add( ); Profile.Links.Add( ); } } ApplyPersonalization(); } void ApplyPersonalization() { // Use the BackColor property to paint the body of the page theBody.Attributes["bgcolor"] = Profile.BackColor; // Use the Links property to create a right-aligned top menu Favorites.Controls.Clear(); foreach (object o in Profile.Links) { HyperLink h = new HyperLink(); h.Text = o.ToString(); h.NavigateUrl = o.ToString(); Favorites.Controls.Add(h); Favorites.Controls.Add(new LiteralControl(    )); } } void OnSetColor (object sender, EventArgs e) { // Change the BackColor property and apply changes to the page // The new value is provided by a textbox in the page
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Running this code sends a single cookie to the web browser. However, that cookie is parsed to form three values. ASP.NET then reads these three values back in when the cookie is submitted back to the server. The following shows the value sent to the web browser.
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This is correct because item[ i ] isn t evaluated unless i is less than maxElements. Many modern languages provide facilities that prevent this kind of error from happening in the first place. For example, C++ uses short-circuit evaluation: If the first operand of the and is false, the second isn t evaluated because the whole expression would be false anyway. In other words, in C++ the only part of
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Standard library documentation for tempfile: libdoc/tempfile/rdoc/index.html
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class App { static public void Main() { FileStream fs; // Open the first file to be processed. StartProcessingFiles(out fs); // Continue while there are more files to process. for (; fs != null; ContinueProcessingFiles(ref fs)) { // Process a file. fs.Read(...); } } static void StartProcessingFiles(out FileStream fs) { fs = new FileStream(...); } static void ContinueProcessingFiles(ref FileStream fs) { fs.Close(); // Close the last file worked on.
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Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2008: T-SQL Programming
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OR(logical1, logical2,...)
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Organization of This Book
One hundred lamps are arranged in a row (call them lamp 1, lamp 2, lamp 3, and so on). All the lamps are initially turned off, and each is equipped with an on/off switch. One hundred peopleperson 1, person 2, person 3, and so onobey the following assignment: flip the switch of the nth lamp, the 2nth lamp, the 3nth lamp, and so on, where n is the person's number. So person 1 flips the switch of lamps 1, 2, 3, and so on; person 2 flips the switch of lamps 2, 4, 6, and so on; and similarly, persons 3 through 100 flip switches as instructed. Which lamps remain lit after all 100 people finish their assignments
To make all locations on the Contoso, LTD. extranet reachable, the following static route is created:
For the COURSE entity, the attribute list could look as follows: Title Duration (in days) Price Frequency Maximum number of attendees Page 131 Tuesday, June 8, 2004 6:39 PM
Part II Solutions
access to session state and more.
Multi-Targeted Considerations
Many services also advertise system information that can be used by malicious attackers. Sometimes the information is related to the service itself, and is crucial to the service s normal operations; at other times unexpected information is disclosed when malicious connection data is sent to it. For example, Microsoft security bulletin MS05-007 ( discusses how the Computer Browser service and the Named Pipes feature can be used to enumerate logged-on user account names.
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