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In view of the contrast between these two pieces of code, a good variable name is readable, memorable, and appropriate. You can use several general rules of thumb to achieve these goals.
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Part I CLR Basics
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A delegate is concerned only with the signature and return type of a method, not the type that implements the method; any instance or static method that matches the template can be used with a delegate.
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What you see here is not a line chart, even if this seems at first to be a likely assumption and a possible solution . The curve is drawn by an interpolated line (see the box) to which the data points are connected . The grades in the first table column and the number of times each grade was awarded in the second table column are the basis for the positions occupied by these points . The additional calculations in the table are used to calculate and display the average grade .
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Each implementation of SomeMethod is qualified using the name of the interface from which it's derived. Explicit interface implementation provides the following benefits:
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Figure 7-4 : The ReformatDate control, before and after tabbing out of it Listing 7-7 shows the code for the completed ReformatDate control. Listing 7-7 WebCustomControl1.cs, the source for the ReformatDate control
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To configure the test lab for dial-up access, configure IIS1 as a phone book server.
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Presentation Administration
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The Chiron tool is easiest to use if you have a specific application directory structure set up for your application. In this section, you learn how to do this step by step. First, start Visual Studio, and create an empty Web site by selecting New Web Site on the File menu. You ll see Empty Web Site as an option in the New Web Site dialog box, as shown in Figure 15-1.
// Three literal strings concatenated to form a single literal string String s = "Hi" + " " + "there.";
Your position Within a File
All editable data that appears in your library is stored as metadata within your media files . In addition, some information that is specific to your collection is stored in the library index details about the play count for a specific track, for instance, or when the track was added to the library . When you edit details about a track in the library, such as the name of a song or an artist, Windows Media Player rewrites the information in the underlying file . (To change file names, you need to work in Windows Explorer .) For music files, Windows Media Player can read and write these details by way of tags stored directly in the file, using one of the following three formats:
performance . Since a generic algorithm can now be created to work with a specific value type, the instances of the value type can be passed by value, and the CLR no longer has to do any boxing . In addition, since casts are not necessary (see the previous bullet), the CLR doesn t have to check the type safety of the attempted cast, and this results in faster code too . To drive home the performance benefits of generics, I wrote a program that tests the performance of the generic List algorithm against the FCL s non-generic ArrayList algorithm . In fact, I tested the performance of these two algorithms by using both value type objects and reference type objects . Here is the program itself:
Type Declaration, Access, and Manipulation Keywords
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