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windows, you should consider updating statistics for the affected table at the end of the data change.
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Configuring DNS Servers and Clients
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Rather than print out your chart solution, you want to show it on screen or use a projector (which is more in line with the intentions of this book) This will be a little harder to handle .
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As mentioned earlier, SQL Server 2008 already has the infrastructure to support the OVER clause . It currently implements it with both the PARTITION BY and ORDER BY clauses for
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Remove Equals
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Page 23
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The first expression evaluates to true because the number 2 is in both sequences . The second evaluates to false because none of the atomic values from the first sequence is less than any of the values from the second sequence . The third expression is true because there is an atomic value in the sequence on the left that is equal to the atomic value on the right . The fourth expression is true because there is an atomic value in the sequence on the left that is not equal to the atomic value on the right . Interesting result, right Sequence (1, 2, 3) is both equal and not equal to atomic value 1 . If this confuses you, use the value comparison operators . (The familiar symbolic operators in the preceding example are called general comparison operators in XQuery .) Value comparison operators do not work on sequences . Table 13-2 lists the general comparison operators and their value comparison operator counterparts .
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Monitoring dialog sessions Reviewing the summary of a dialog process
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This top line of code creates an anonymous type because I did not specify a type name after the new keyword, so the compiler will create a type name for me automatically and not tell me what it is (which is why it is called an anonymous type) . The line of code uses the object initializer syntax discussed in the previous section to declare the properties and also to initialize these properties . Also, since I (the developer) do not know the name of the type at compile time, I do not know what type to declare the variable o1 as . However, this is not a problem, as I can use C# s implicitly typed local variable feature (var), as discussed in
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Formatting of the primary vertical axis: for this chart type, the primary vertical axis is the category axis . The most important axis options which can be found in the formatting dialog box include:
For one thing, XML documents and schema information must be distinct elements. This improves performance when the document is transferred over the wire and keeps the memory footprint as lean as possible. In addition, validating a document to make sure it has the requested layout is not always necessary if the correctness of the data two applications exchange can be ensured by design. If the documents sent and received are generated programmatically and there is no (reasonable) way to hack them, validation can be an unneeded burden. In this case, you can rate the schema information as similar to debug information in Win32 executables: useful to speed up the development cycle, but useless in a production environment. The real big thing behind XML validation is XSD a W3C specification to define the structure, contents, and semantics of XML documents. XSD is another key element that enriches the collection of official and de facto current standards for interoperable software. It joins the group formed by HTTP for network transportation, XML for data description, SOAP for method invocation, XSL for data transformation, and XPath for queries. With XSD, we have a standard but extremely rigorous way to describe the layout of the document that leaves nothing to the user's imagination. XSD is the constituent grammar for the XML type system, and thanks to the broad acceptance gained by XML, it is a candidate to become a universal and cross-platform type system. This chapter uses the features and programming interface of a special reader class the XmlValidatingReader class to demonstrate how XML validation is accomplished in the .NET Framework. In doing so, we have inevitably touched on the technologies that are involved with the schema definition from the still-flourishing DTD, to the newest and standard XSD, and passing through the intermediate, and mostly Microsoft proprietary, XDR. For the most part, this chapter covers issues revolving around XML validating parsers. It also opens a window into the world of XML-related technologies.
Note Before you start saving web pages, create a SharePoint library called webpages to store the web
Run the page again in a web browser. Make a choice from the list and notice that the page updates correctly. Immediately make another choice from the list, and notice that the page name does not change and that it continues to display the previous time. Make note of the time, and repeatedly choose different pages from the list until 10 seconds have passed. After 10 seconds, notice that the page updates correctly and again shows the current time. This demonstrates that page output caching is working correctly; however, the caching prevents the form from functioning as intended.
You can set up auditing of certain files or folders on your system. Windows Vista can audit a variety of events and can audit different events for different users.
SELECT orderid, custid FROM Sales.Orders AS O1 WHERE orderid = (SELECT MAX(O2.orderid) FROM Sales.Orders AS O2 WHERE O2.custid = O1.custid);
Numbers as Objects
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