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Using Superscopes
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On the first line, myControls is a variable capable of pointing to a single-dimensional array of Control references . Initially, myControls will be set to null because I haven t allocated
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In this chapter, by building a bindable class and a simple application that provides both oneway and two-way data binding, you saw the basics of how data binding works in Silverlight. You also looked at how you can handle errors in the data binding using a Converter as well as the binding language that XAML uses to define the binding. The information in this chapter is a foundation on which you can build data-bound applications and understand how data binding works in sophisticated data-bound controls such as the DataGrid.
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Planning Fault Tolerance and Avoidance
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4. Create a SAL_HISTORY view providing the following overview for all employees, based on the HISTORY table: For each employee, show the hire date, the review dates, and the salary changes as a consequence of those reviews. Solution 10-4. The SAL_HISTORY View SQL> 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 create or replace view sal_history as select empno , min(begindate) over (partition by empno) as hiredate , begindate as reviewdate , msal - lag(msal) over (partition by empno order by empno, begindate) as salary_raise from history;
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Instances of anonymous types are not supposed to leak outside of a method . A method cannot be prototyped as accepting a parameter of an anonymous type because there is no way to specify the anonymous type . Similarly, a method cannot indicate that it returns a reference to an anonymous type . While it is possible to treat an instance of an anonymous type as an Object (since all anonymous types are derived from Object), there is no way to cast a variable of type Object back into an anonymous type because you don t know the name of the anonymous type at compile time . If you want to pass a tuple around, then you should consider using the System.Tuple type discussed in the next section .
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Using a reference to a Type object, you can bind to a particular constructor and obtain a reference to the constructor s ConstructorInfo object . Then you can use the reference to the ConstructorInfo object to call its Invoke method . The type is always created in the calling AppDomain, and a reference to the new object is returned . I ll also discuss this method in more detail later in this chapter .
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Finds all elements with a specified tag name and returns an array of those elements. You simply pass the name of the tag to the selector function, as in $("h2"). code 128 barcode generator
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proj /t:PrintReservedProperties you would see the results shown in Figure 2-4.
23.4 Psychological Considerations in Debugging
Type BoundField ButtonField
Demystifying Delegates
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Windows Security Fundamentals
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