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Let me show you another example of how important it is to take care with the SELECT list . The following query is very similar to the previous one; I just replaced the Customer.custid column with [Orders].custid:
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Let s look at each method in turn to see what s best. Recall from 3 that scan works by iterating over a string of text and finding certain patterns over and over. For example: puts "this is a test".scan(/\w/).join thisisatest In this example, scan looked through the string for anything matching \w, a special term representing all alphanumeric characters (and underscores), and placed them into an array that you ve joined together into a string and printed to the screen. You can do the same with groups of alphanumeric characters. In 3, you learned that to match multiple characters with a regular expression, you could follow the character with +. So let s try again: puts "this is a test".scan(/\w+/).join('-')
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Test connectivity and automatic phone book updates
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Often, String objects are used to contain sensitive data such as a user s password or creditcard information . Unfortunately, String objects contain an array of characters in memory, and if some unsafe or unmanaged code is allowed to execute, the unsafe/unmanaged code could snoop around the process s address space, locate the string containing the sensitive information, and use this data in an unauthorized way . Even if the String object is used for just a short time and then garbage collected, the CLR might not immediately reuse the String object s memory (especially if the String object was in an older generation), leaving the String s characters in the process s memory, where the information could be compromised . In addition, since strings are immutable, as you manipulate them, the old copies linger in memory and you end up with different versions of the string scattered all over memory . Some governmental departments have stringent security requirements that require very specific security guarantees . To meet these requirements, Microsoft added a more secure string class to the FCL: System.Security.SecureString . When you construct a SecureString object, it internally allocates a block of unmanaged memory that contains an array of characters . Unmanaged memory is used so that the garbage collector isn t aware of it . These string s characters are encrypted, protecting the sensitive information from any malicious unsafe/unmanaged code . You can append, insert, remove, or set a character in the secure string by using any of these methods: AppendChar, InsertAt, RemoveAt, and SetAt . Whenever you call any of these methods, internally, the method decrypts the characters, performs the operation in place, and then re-encrypts the characters . This means that the characters are in an unencrypted state for a very short period of time . This also means that
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A view is a named virtual table that is defined by a query and used as a table . Unlike permanent tables, a view has no physical representation of its data unless you create an index on it . Whenever you issue a query against a nonindexed view, SQL Server in practice has to access the underlying tables . Unless specified otherwise, the discussions in this chapter involve nonindexed views . When you create a view, you specify a name for the view and a query . Microsoft SQL Server stores only metadata information about the view, describing the object, its columns, security, dependencies, and so on . When you query a view by retrieving or modifying data the query processor replaces a view reference with its definition; in other words, the query processor expands the view definition and generates an execution plan accessing the underlying objects . Views play important roles in the database . One of the more valuable uses of views is as an abstraction mechanism . For example, you can use views to make it easier to provide a more or less normalized picture of the underlying data, where appropriate, without changing the normalization of the actual data . You can use views to simplify your solutions by applying a modular approach solving complex problems one step at a time . You can use views as a security layer (to some degree) by granting access to filtered or manipulated data only through views, and not directly against the base tables (provided that the owner of the view and the owner of the underlying objects are the same) .
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So, there s an example of adding Web Parts zones to a page and then using normal ASP .NET server-side controls as if they were Web Parts (the HyperLink controls) . Next, take a look at how to develop a real Web Part .
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If the code in the bad comparison of floating-point numbers example were converted so that this routine could be used for comparisons, the new comparison would look like this:
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To implement the class, you need to amend the class declaration as follows:
Richard E. Mayer, Ed., The Cambridge Handbook of Multimedia Learning (Cambridge University Press, 2005). Cliff Atkinson, The Cognitive Load of PowerPoint: Q&A with Richard E. Mayer, www.beyondbulletpoints.com (March 2004).
By combining operators with references and constants, you can create countless formulas in SharePoint lists. Table 5-2 demonstrates common formulas using standard operators.
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Sometimes customers and Microsoft refer to customizations beyond the core CRM capabilities of sales, marketing, and customer service as xRM, or extended CRM. This name comes from the idea that although the C in CRM stands for customer, X is a variable that could be equal to any relationship that needs to be managed, such as vendors, employees, prospects, and dealers, as well as other types of business relationships including properties, assets, projects, grants, and legislation. Please note that there is not a different product or SKU for xRM. Customers building these types of deployments use the exact same Microsoft Dynamics CRM product edition as customers deploying core CRM.
How to consider this attribute At the very least, you can estimate test design based on previous projects. Complexity relates directly to testability. Simple applications can be tested more quickly than complex programs can be. Is the application a prototype or demonstration application Or is it flight control software for a spaceship The business goals influence the breadth and depth of the testing effort.
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