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I think finally blocks are awesome! They allow you to specify a block of code that s guaranteed to execute no matter what kind of exception the thread throws You should use finally blocks to clean up from any operation that successfully started before returning to your caller or continuing to execute code following the finally block. You also frequently use finally blocks to explicitly dispose of any objects to avoid resource leaking. Here s an example that has all cleanup code (closing the file) in a finally block:
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Sometimes it s useful to get a user s input into something, such as a color or file choice. We can use text boxes to do this, but most operating systems offer standardized dialogs for choosing things like files, colors, and OK/cancel choices. Shoes offers access to all of these. To get a user to answer OK or Cancel to something, the confirm method can be used. For example: Shoes.app do @t = para "Hello, world!" if confirm("Change text ") @t.text = "Aw, shucks.." end end A generic question can also be asked, using the ask method. For example: Shoes.app do @t = para "Hello, world!" button "Change text" do @t.text = ask("Change to what ") end end In this example, a Change text button is provided that, when clicked, presents a dialog box with a text box. The content of the text box is returned by the ask method. In this case, it s used to change the text within the para element.
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If you pass a numeric parameter to first or last, you ll get that number of items from the start or the end of the array: x = [1, 2, 3] puts x.first(2).join("-")
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Table 2-4 shows the version resource fields and the custom attributes that correspond to them . If you re using AL .exe to build your assembly, you can use command-line switches to set this information instead of using the custom attributes . The second column in Table 2-4 shows the AL .exe command-line switch that corresponds to each version resource field . Note that the C# compiler doesn t offer these command-line switches and that, in general, using custom attributes is the preferred way to set this information . Version Resource Fields and Their Corresponding AL.exe Switches and Custom Attributes
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Caution Caveat Cancel: As you can see, canceling an asynchronous postback is completely a
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The skin to apply to the control. The control s position in the tab order. If this property is not set, the control s position index is 0. Controls with the same tab index can be tabbed according to the order in which they are declared in the webpage. This feature was introduced in Internet Explorer 4.0. The text that appears when the user points to a control. The ToolTip property does not work in all browsers. The width of the control. The possible units are Pixel, Point, Pica, Inch, Mm, Cm, Percentage, Em, and Ex. The default unit is pixels.
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Objective 4.3: Manage TCP/IP Routing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16-26
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Creating a Webpage That supports multiple Cultures
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In the course of DHCP administration, you might find it necessary to modify or com pletely change a subnet s addressing.
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If it is your task to examine complex datasets from different perspectives, analyze them in great depth, select and condense them for presentations, and even more, you need to be very proficient in Excel . Here, your own visual information is paramount, and many direct or indirect opportunities to work with Excel await you . Naturally, you can t use most of the solutions described in this book directly without some limitations . However, it is possible to use them indirectly: quite often, they convey information to people who are less proficient in Excel . If it is your task to condense those complex sets of figures or to provide data that has already been interpreted and then present this information to management in an efficient, simple, visually appealing, and foolproof manner, then the solutions described in this book are perfect for your work .
Tip 3: Stretch Yourself
Tip It might seem that all the cases in which I show cursor code that performs better than
Table 14-4. The WebRequest Properties
Installing SBS 2008
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