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Obtaining Diagnostic IPSec Information One of the steps in diagnosing IPSec problems or just establishing that the policy is working like you think it should is to obtain information about the current policy. The Show commands described later in Table 11-7 provide that information. The information that each command reveals iden tifies the settings in the policy. For example, the Show Filterlist command lists the infor mation in the policies filter list. Filter list options were listed in Table 11-6. Some examples of the Show command syntax are illustrated next. In the commands, the equal sign is part of the command and the italicized words are replaced by some value as indicated below the command.
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Table 11-8
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To get the management chain of a given employee, simply join the table returned by the function with the Employees table:
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2 ASP.NET Application Fundamentals
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Local Service
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Bays, Michael, Software Release Methodology, Englewood Cliffs, N.J.: Prentice Hall, 1999. This book discusses software configuration management with an emphasis on releasing software into production. Bersoff, Edward H., and Alan M. Davis. Impacts of Life Cycle Models on Software Configuration Management. Communications of the ACM 34, no. 8 (August 1991): 104 118. This article describes how SCM is affected by newer approaches to software development, especially prototyping approaches. The article is especially applicable in environments that are using agile development practices.
You can configure ASP .NET so that it references a database on another server . Of course, you need to have SQL Server installed on the target server to make this work . In addition, you can find some SQL scripts to create the state databases in your .NET system directory (C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft .NET\Framework\v2 .0 .50727 on my computer at the time of this writing) . The aspnet_regsql .exe tool sets up the databases for you .
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Temporal Support in the Relational Model
The horizontal axis ranges from minus 5,000 to plus 20,000 . In the axis label, however, you can only read 20 k at the end of the axis (on the right) . This results from a custom number format . The following are some notes and illustrations in relation to the technical and structural aspects of the other sheets in this workbook . As usual, familiarize yourself with the range names and their locations before taking a closer look .
Creating SharePoint Views
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