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Lesson 2
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In column F, a list of 75 US cities is defined, sorted alphabetically in ascending order . The adjacent column G (Actual) once again simulates the dynamic reading of changing values . When you use the =RANDBETWEEN(1000,2000) function 75 times, the probability that some of the results are identical is rather high, as you can see when pressing F9 several times: the values in the pale red colored cells of column G are returned more than once . In this case, this helps to emphasize the topic mentioned in the preceding sidebar . Note A pleasant innovation for many cases in real life under Excel 2007: Conditional Formatting/Highlight Cells Rules/Duplicate Values . This is also used in the sample file .
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You are debugging an application on a test server. You have an issue on a particular page and need to get the error details. You do not want to turn on debugging for the entire site. What actions should you take (Choose all that apply.)
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Referential Integrity
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Note that when a GROUPING SETS subclause contains only one grouping set, it is equivalent to listing the grouping set s elements directly in the GROUP BY clause. Hence, the previous query is logically equivalent to the following:
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Figure 17-8 You can iew and edit properties for a supported image file using the Properties dialog box. The Title field here is the same as the Caption in Photo Gallery.
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Figure 2-5 : The compilation and execution of managed code When you think about it, compiling an application from assembly code such as MSIL should impose some burden on the performance of the application. In practice, the overhead seems to be a difference small enough that in most cases no one will notice. Part of the reason for this low cost is certainly cleverness on the part of the developers of the JIT compiler, but just as much of the credit goes to the way programs are commonly used. Generally, not every single line of code within a program is used each time the program is run. For example, code related to error conditions might virtually never be executed. To take advantage of this fact, rather than compile the entire MSIL code into a native executable file at the start, the JIT compiler compiles code only as it is needed,
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In my examples, I'll use the PvtCustOrders table, which you create and populate by running the code in Listing 6-6.
You are creating a data-bound CheckBoxList control that allows a user to select options for configuring a vehicle. When the data is displayed to the user, you want the OptionName column to display. When the data is posted back to the server, you need the OptionId column value for all selected items. Which of the following attribute definitions would you set (Choose all that apply.)
Can't be differentiated sufficiently by our perception, Can only be labeled in a sufficient display quality with a great deal of effort .
The Custom Order System (COS) project is in danger of missing its deadline. During user acceptance testing (UAT), the team discovered that some of the system requirements documentation had been lost during a staffing transition. As a result, COS is missing key functionality. UAT has now been suspended and a tiger team is being assembled to design, code, and test the missing screens quickly. Brian, the project manager, has always used Excel to track issues identified during testing. When a tester needs to log an issue, he or she e-mails the issue to Brian, who enters it in the workbook, shown in Figure 7-1. At the end of each day, Brian e-mails the workbook to developers, who indicate the issues they ll work on the next day. As a developer resolves an issue, he or she sends an e-mail to the testers and copies Brian, who updates the worksheet. It s a cumbersome system. Brian has considered sharing the workbook, but updating the log helps Brian keep a finger on the pulse of unresolved issues, and he often does some quick analysis using sorting and filters.
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If you ve never sketched your PowerPoint slides before, this might seem like an extra step that you don t have the time to take. But the investment you make in taking the time to sketch will actually save you time in the long run. Much of the frustration that comes from developing PowerPoint presentations, especially in an organizational context, comes from endless revisions to graphics. When you sketch your slides rst, you get everyone involved to sign off on the sketches to make sure that they re what everyone wants. By getting agreement on the visual concepts now, you save frustration, inef ciency, confusion, and unhappiness later.
Configuring VPN connection type
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