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FIGURE C-6 Build De nition agent selection
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This query retrieves all rows where col1 = 102 (currently, there s only one such row in the table) and obtains an exclusive key-range lock in the index idx_col1 based on the filter . Next, from connection 2, attempt to introduce a phantom row a row that meets the filter of the query submitted by connection 1:
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String[] names = new String[] { "Aidan", "Grant" };
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The examples in Table 8-3 illustrate the following two general rules: You do not need to select the column expression you group on (see the last example). Any column expression that is not part of the GROUP BY clause can occur only in the SELECT clause as an argument to a group function. That s why the first example is invalid.
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OnBuild Break BeforeOn BuildBreak CoreOn BuildBreak AfterOn BuildBreak
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Deploying Site-to-Site VPNs |
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A GridView that supports editing
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Compiling Solutions
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With the findName content method, you can search for a node in the XAML code based on its x:Name attribute. If findName finds a node with the provided name, it returns a reference to it; otherwise, it returns null.
Figure 1-1. HatShop during Phase II of development
Description Takes the name of the data source view to retrieve and returns it as a DataSourceView object Returns a collection of names representing the list of view objects associated with the current instance of the data source control
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Figure 5-8 : The page that results from clicking the Validate button with no values filled in Notice that it displays the message Page Valid . This is almost certainly not what you wanted! You specified that the first field should be a number between 1 and 12, that the
Part II Advanced Features
Calculating with Math Functions
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