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SQL Server 2008 provides a DMV called sys.dm_exec_query_stats that aggregates query performance information for queries whose plans are in cache. Unlike the trace approach, this DMV won t report any information for queries whose plans are not in cache (for example, when procedures or queries use the RECOMPILE option). However, for queries whose plans are in cache, you get very interesting performance information that is aggregated since the query plan was cached. Needless to say, if the plan is removed from cache, this information is gone. Note, though, that if you enable the system collection set Query Statistics, it collects information from this DMV on regular intervals based on the collection frequency de ned for it and stores the information in the management data warehouse. You can also analyze this information graphically with the precon gured report Query Statistics History. (In Object Explorer, right-click Data Collection under Management and choose Reports.) Of course, if you want, you can also create your own jobs to collect information from this DMV with your own queries.
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Custom Attributes
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Pascal and Ada have gone the way of the stegosaurus and, in general, the languages that have replaced them are more usable. In the area of simple type definitions, however, I think C++, Java, and Visual Basic represent a case of three steps forward and one step back. An Ada declaration like
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Can you gure out how many triangles Figure A-1 contains Can you think of a methodical approach or formula to calculate this number
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Tested Skills and Suggested Practices
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Lesson 3: Working with Web Configuration Files
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The left outer joins will keep the outer customers in the intermediate virtual tables. This query correctly produces 1,238 rows, including the two customers that made no orders. However, if you had orders with no related order details, order details with no related products, or products with no related suppliers, this query would have produced incorrect results. That is, you would have received outer rows for them that you didn't want to get. Another option is to make sure the join with the Customers table is logically last. This can be achieved by using inner joins between all other tables, and finally a right outer join with Customers: SELECT DISTINCT C.CompanyName AS customer, S.CompanyName AS supplier FROM dbo.Orders AS O JOIN dbo.[Order Details] AS OD ON OD.OrderID = O.OrderID JOIN dbo.Products AS P ON P.ProductID = OD.ProductID JOIN dbo.Suppliers AS S ON S.SupplierID = P.SupplierID RIGHT OUTER JOIN dbo.Customers AS C ON O.CustomerID = C.CustomerID;
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A generic type is a type, and as such, it can be derived from any other type . When you use a generic type and specify type arguments, you are defining a new type object in the CLR, and the new type object is derived from whatever type the generic type was derived from . In other words, since List<T> is derived from Object, List<String> and List<Guid> are also derived from Object . Similarly, since DictionaryStringKey<TValue> is derived from Dictionary<String, TValue>, DictionaryStringKey<Guid> is also derived from Dictionary<String, Guid> . Understanding that specifying type arguments doesn t have anything to do with inheritance hierarchies will help you to recognize what kind of casting you can and can t do . For example, if a linked-list node class is defined like this:
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Note Net::SMTP also supports LOGIN and CRAM-MD5 authentication schemes. To use these, use :login or :cram_md5 as the sixth parameter passed into start.
Configuring and Managing Remote Access
RESTRICT (similar to NO ACTION): This is probably the most important of the options. It tells PostgreSQL to make sure that database operations on the tables involved in the relationship don t break the relationship. When this option is set, PostgreSQL won t allow you to add categories to nonexistent departments or delete departments that have related categories. CASCADE: Performs automatic data changes to maintain the data integrity. For example, changing the ID of an existing department would cause the change to propagate to the category table to keep the categorydepartment associations intact. This way, even after you change the ID of the department, its categories would still belong to it. This option is dangerous because when deleting a department, PostgreSQL automatically deletes all the department s related categories. This is a sensitive option, so be very careful with it. You won t use it in the HatShop project. SET NULL: Sets the foreign key field to NULL when the parent is updated or deleted. SET DEFAULT: Sets the foreign key field to its default value when the parent is updated or deleted. In the One-to-Many relationship (and implicitly the FOREIGN KEY constraint), you link two columns from two different tables. One of these columns is a primary key, and it defines the One part of the relationship. In our case, department_id is the primary key of department, so department is the one that connects to many categories. A primary key must be on the One part to ensure that it s unique a category can t be linked to a department if you can t be sure that the department ID is unique. You must ensure that no two departments have the same ID; otherwise, the relationship wouldn t make much sense. You ll find a very nice article on referential integrity with PostgreSQL at http://techdocs.postgresql.org/ techdocs/hackingreferentialintegrity.php.
ASP.NET 2.0 offers two image server controls Image and DynamicImage. You use the former to reference a static image stored to a server-side file. If you can reference an image using a URL, by all means use the Image control, which produces the following, quite familiar, markup:
In the FCL, the classes related to streaming data use an implementation inheritance design . The System.IO.Stream class is the abstract base class . It provides a bunch of methods, such as Read and Write . Other classes System.IO.FileStream, System.IO.MemoryStream, and System.Net.Sockets.NetworkStream are derived from Stream . Microsoft chose an
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