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among competing techniques. You can t make a trade-off if you ve prematurely limited your choices to a single tool. The toolbox metaphor is useful because it makes the abstract idea of eclecticism concrete. Suppose you were a general contractor and your buddy Simple Simon always used vise-grip pliers. Suppose he refused to use a box wrench or a crescent wrench. You d probably think he was odd because he wouldn t use all the tools at his disposal. The same is true in software development. At a high level, you have alternative design methods. At a more detailed level, you can choose one of several data types to represent any given design. At an even more detailed level, you can choose several different schemes for formatting and commenting code, naming variables, defining class interfaces, and passing routine parameters. A dogmatic stance conflicts with the eclectic toolbox approach to software construction. It s incompatible with the attitude needed to build high-quality software.
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Automatic Memory Management (Garbage Collection)
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NULL as right input. The new path value is like the existing child s value but with a rightmost number that is greater by one. So, for example, the value under / and to the right of /1/ would be /2/. Similarly, the value under /1/ and to the right of /1/1/ would be /1/2/. If you add someone under a certain parent and to the left of an existing child, the left input to GetDescendant is NULL, and the new path value will be like the existing child s but with a rightmost number that is less by one. So, for example, the value under /1/ and to the left of /1/1/ would be /1/0/. Similarly, the value under /1/ and to the left of /1/0/ would be /1/-1/. If you add someone under a certain parent and provide two of that parent s existing children s hid values as inputs to GetDescendant, the resulting path matches the existing children s paths except for the last number. If the last numbers in the existing children s paths aren t consecutive, the last number of the new child s path will be one greater than that of the left child. For example, when the method is applied to the parent /1/1/ and the input children are /1/1/1/ and /1/1/4/, you get /1/1/2/. If the last path numbers of the input children are consecutive, you get the last number of the left child, followed by .1 (read dot one ). For example, when the method is applied to the parent /1/1/ and the input children s paths are /1/1/1/ and /1/1/2/, you get /1/1/1.1/. Similarly, when the method is applied to the parent /1/2.1/3/4/5/ and the input children are /1/2.1/3/4/5/ and /1/2.1/3/4/5/, you get /1/2.1/3/4/5/ I could go on, but at this point you probably get the general idea and realize that the paths are simpler if you add new nodes either to the right of the last child or to the left of the rst child. Later in the chapter, in the section Normalizing HIERARCHYID Values, I ll provide details as to how you can normalize paths.
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Figure A-2 : The Properties dialog box in Internet Information Services for the AppendixA folder that isn t a virtual directory Figure A-2 shows the Properties dialog box as it appears for a directory that isn t set up as a virtual directory. To make this folder a virtual directory for IIS, click the Create button on the Directory tab. The settings on the tab will be modified as shown in Figure A-3.
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Part I
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Father's Day 2007, for a gift I was presented with the hardback edition of The Dangerous Book for Boys. [1] I let my son hold the book and he ran his fingers over the muted red fabric that covered the book. He began to trace the big gold letters of the word dangerous and I saw his eyes open wide and a big grin envelop his face. The book seemed to be calling out, "Read me and the secrets will be revealed." The first chapter on essential gear for handling and getting into danger was critically important for us as we assembled our ultimate adventurers' backpacks. The chapters on knots, fossils, and dinosaurs were all big hits. The chapter I wasn't too sure about was the one on tripwires, but my son thought this topic was just the coolest ever. I relented, and we went through the material but I was very clear that he was not to set up a tripwire anywhere in the house or his father's tool shed. Young boys and danger just seem to be a natural fit. They will find each other no matter what. Having a book like The Dangerous Book for Boys is a valuable tool to help any young boy learn to differentiate between the little dangers and the big ones. Software Plus Services (S+S) and Microsoft seem to be a natural fit as well. Microsoft has tens of millions of lines of code written for application and server products. These products run successfully on millions of computers and devices around the world. It makes sense to use these products and all the computing power of these devices in an integrated S+S system. Many books on services-oriented architecture (SOA) and software as a service (SaaS) have been published. I hope you have read at least one book from this category of technology. It is vitally important for anyone working with services to learn the fundamentals from one of these resources. There is, however, a very big gap in the available reference material for services. No book describes the dangers and risks of developing and shipping an S+S solution. What this category needs is a book with a big red cover and golden letters warning us of the dangers and providing survival tips when testing Software Plus Services.
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The GetSessionIDModule method on the SessionStateUtility helper class just returns the current session ID module, which is then stored in an internal variable for further use. Next the module instantiates and initializes the session provider object by calling the Init method on the SessionStateStoreProviderBase object, which any session provider must inherit.
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Restoring Files and Folders with Previous Versions
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If you implement OCSP for revocation checking, you must ensure that the OCSP responder is available for all revocation checking. You can implement Network Load Balancing to ensure that the OCSP responder is highly available.
Information Systems Terms Review
By default, the ScriptManager control s EnablePartialRending property is set to true. This indicates that the page supports partial-page updates. You can use this property to turn this feature off if needed. The ScriptManager control is also used to register custom scripts with the Microsoft AJAX Library. In this way, if you write a script, it can be registered and managed with the Microsoft AJAX Library. This is covered in Lesson 2 of this chapter. Similarly, you can use the ScriptManager control to register web service method calls from the client. This is covered in 10.
Property (setter) injection can populate one or more properties of your custom classes at run time. Unlike constructor injection, property injection does not occur by default. You must specify the dependency using a configuration file, programmatically at run time, or by applying an attribute to the property that holds the dependent type. Design-Time Configuration To define property injection using a configuration file, you simply specify the names of the properties that Unity should populate within the register element. If you want Unity to resolve the type specified by the property, you need do no more than that. If you want to specify a value, you can include this within the property element. If you want Unity to use a named registration within the container to resolve the type, you include the dependencyName attribute in the property element. Finally, if you want to resolve a type that is compatible with the property name, such as resolving an interface type for which you have named mappings already registered in the container, you specify the type to resolve using a dependencyType attribute.
The workspace area display changes depending on which tool you select. When you first open a workspace, the Files tool is displayed by default. This view enables you to create a file library your team members can use to post, share, review, and update all kinds of files related to your projects. Note
rows, our index will have two levels. Three levels would have up to about 4,000,000 rows, and four levels would have up to about 4,000,000,000 rows. With nonclustered indexes, the formulas are identical it s just that you can t more rows in each leaf page, as I will describe later. So with nonclustered indexes, the upper bound for each number of levels covers even more rows in the table. The point is that in our table all indexes have three levels, which is the cost you have to consider in your performance estimation when measuring the cost of a seek operation. And in general, with small tables most indexes will typically have up to two levels, and with large tables, they will typically have three or four levels, unless the total size of the index keys is large. Keep these numbers in mind for our later discussions.
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