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Table 10-9. Comparison of the Base Stream Classes Provided by Java and .NET
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Likewise, all references to Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 assume the Routing And Remote Access Service (RRAS) feature has been added. This feature was a part of the separately available Networking Add-on Pack.
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Part III:
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Correct Answers: B and C
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Storyboarding Using Three Ground Rules
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Using DNS Troubleshooting Tools
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Compile-Time Attributes
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The Employee class shown below defines three different kinds of methods:
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The easiest way to perform Web requests is with the System.Net.WebClient class. This class provides functionality similar to that of the Java URLConnection class for sending and receiving data. WebClient supports requests to URIs using the https, http, and file schemes. The WebClient class provides a simplified networking model that is easy to use and sufficient for many purposes. However, the cost of this simplicity is a loss of functionality and flexibility. For example, with HTTP requests, WebClient doesn't support cookies or credentials, doesn't provide access to the result code sent back by the server, and will throw an exception if the code isn't OK, which is indicated by result code 200.
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