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The integration of Microsoft server products into the .NET platform is still in its earliest stages. To date, most efforts have been focused on adding support for the XML Web services application model to existing products, reflecting the importance Microsoft places on this technology. Over the coming years, this situation will improve: integration will deepen and functionality will increase with the release of new products. The inclusion of Microsoft server products into .NET highlights one of the primary differences between .NET and Java. The Java platform is vendor independent and provides no products, relying on third parties to provide them. A Java application server provides a J2EE-compliant environment in which to run enterprise Java applications. Many vendors provide application servers, sometimes with their own set of functionality and extensions to the J2EE specification. Because many of these servers provide similar functionality to the .NET servers, the .NET server market is an area where Microsoft is expected to face intense competition.
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classes are too interdependent, that s another warning sign that the classes are coupled too tightly. When you re deep into a program, pay attention to warning signs that indicate that part of the program design isn t defined well enough to code. Difficulties in writing comments, naming variables, and decomposing the problem into cohesive classes with clear interfaces all indicate that you need to think harder about the design before coding. Wishy-washy names and difficulty in describing sections of code in concise comments are other signs of trouble. When the design is clear in your mind, the low-level details come easily. Be sensitive to indications that your program is hard to understand. Any discomfort is a clue. If it s hard for you, it will be even harder for the next programmers. They ll appreciate the extra effort you make to improve it. If you re figuring out code instead of reading it, it s too complicated. If it s hard, it s wrong. Make it simpler. If you want to take full advantage of warning signs, program in such a way that you create your own warnings. This is useful because even after you know what the signs are, it s surprisingly easy to overlook them. Glenford Myers conducted a study of defect correction in which he found that the single most common cause of not finding errors was simply overlooking them. The errors were visible on test output but not noticed (Myers 1978b). Make it hard to overlook problems in your program. One example is setting pointers to NULL after you free them so that they ll cause ugly problems if you mistakenly use one. A freed pointer might point to a valid memory location even after it s been freed. Setting it to NULL guarantees that it points to an invalid location, making the error harder to overlook. Compiler warnings are literal warning signs that are often overlooked. If your program generates warnings or errors, fix it so that it doesn t. You don t have much chance of noticing subtle warning signs when you re ignoring those that have WARNING printed directly on them. Why is paying attention to intellectual warning signs especially important in software development The quality of the thinking that goes into a program largely determines the quality of the program, so paying attention to warnings about the quality of thinking directly affects the final product.
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Default AppDomain's friendly name= Ch22-1-AppDomains.exe Main assembly=Ch22-1-AppDomains, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null Demo #1 MarshalByRefType ctor running in AD #2 Type=MarshalByRefType Is proxy=True Executing in AD #2 Failed call. Demo #2 MarshalByRefType ctor running in AD #2 Executing in AD #2 MarshalByValType ctor running in AD #2, Created on Friday, August 07, 2009 Is proxy=False Returned object created Friday, August 07, 2009 Returned object created Friday, August 07, 2009 Successful call. Demo #3 MarshalByRefType ctor running in AD #2 Calling from 'Ch22-1-AppDomains.exe' to 'AD #2'. Executing in AD #2 Unhandled Exception: System.Runtime.Serialization.SerializationException: Type NonMarshalableType in assembly Ch22-1-AppDomains, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null is not marked as serializable. at MarshalByRefType.MethodArgAndReturn(String callingDomainName) at Program.Marshalling() at Program.Main() is not marked as serializable.
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Properly assisting and serving presenters will result in a higher quality of content for the conference. This in turn benefits the primary stakeholders, the attendees. Registration: Presenters should be able to securely register for the conference and receive confirmation via email. Profile information: Presenters should be able to enter contact information and biographical information, upload a picture, and provide other information of interest.
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depending on your macro security settings. Click the appropriate buttons to enable the macros.
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Implement Globalization
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Customizing MSBuild
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finished = ( ( elementIndex < 0 ) || ( MAX_ELEMENTS < elementIndex ) ); repeatedEntry = ( elementIndex == lastElementIndex ); if ( finished || repeatedEntry ) { ... }
Keys to Success with Pair Programming
Regular Expressions and String Manipulation
Part II Designing Types
Java Example of an Expression Containing Too Few Parentheses
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