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20 Exceptions and State Management
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3. On the Service And File Names page, type L2TP To CorpNet in the Service
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Networking services DNS
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To use interaction to obtain useful information from your audience, sketch a simple photo object that relates to your topic on one or both of the Point A and Point B slides, and then use the photo to prompt conversation about speci c topics. For example, if your Point A headline reads, You re hearing con icting pieces of advice, sketch the names of your company s competitors on the screen and then hide the headline. Then, when the names appear on the slide, you might say, We understand you ve been talking to many other companies about this. What sorts of things have you been hearing Not only does this technique demonstrate to your audience that you will listen from the start and that they can participate in the conversation, but it also opens the door for you to hear information from the audience that might be useful to you.
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Managing Disks and Drives
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Listing 6-5. The templateDetails.xml File Holds Pointers to All of the Files Used by the Template
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When the thread exits the code section, Java will automatically release the lock so that another thread can attempt to acquire it and enter the synchronized code block. C# provides the keyword lock, which does the same thing. The Java fragment above is translated to C# as follows:
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The following code shows an example. Here, the Customer.GetAllCustomers method is bound to an ObjectDataSource control. When the data is returned, the filter expression city= {0} is applied to the result. The query string value for city is then passed as the {0} parameter to the filter expression.
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Part I:
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Formatting Shapes and Changing Formats
The CLR requires that all resources be allocated from a heap called the managed heap . This heap is similar to a C-runtime heap, except that you never delete objects from the managed heap objects are automatically deleted when the application no longer needs them . This, of course, raises the question, How does the managed heap know when the application is no longer using an object I ll address this question shortly . Several garbage collection algorithms are in use today . Each algorithm is fine-tuned for a particular environment to provide the best performance . In this chapter, I ll concentrate on the garbage collection algorithm used by the Microsoft .NET Framework s CLR . Let s start off with the basic concepts . When a process is initialized, the CLR reserves a contiguous region of address space that initially contains no backing storage . This address space region is the managed heap . The heap also maintains a pointer, which I ll call NextObjPtr . This pointer indicates where the next object is to be allocated within the heap . Initially, NextObjPtr is set to the base address of the reserved address space region .1
internal static class Eap { public static void Main() { // Create the form and show it Application.Run(new MyForm()); } private sealed class MyForm : Form { protected override void OnClick(EventArgs e) { // The System.Net.WebClient class supports the Event-based Asynchronous Pattern WebClient wc = new WebClient(); // When a string completes downloading, the WebClient object raises the // DownloadStringCompleted event which will invoke our ProcessString method wc.DownloadStringCompleted += ProcessString; // Start the asynchronous operation (this is like calling a BeginXxx method) wc.DownloadStringAsync(new Uri("")); base.OnClick(e); } // This method is guaranteed to be called via the GUI thread private void ProcessString(Object sender, DownloadStringCompletedEventArgs e) { // If an error occurred, display it; else display the downloaded string MessageBox.Show((e.Error != null) e.Error.Message : e.Result); } } }
the location of the backup from the drop-down list. If recovering from a remote shared folder, type the path to the folder on the Specify Remote Folder page and then click Next. The path to the backup will be \\<Remote Server> <RemoteSharedFolder>\WindowsImageBackup\<ComputerName>\<YourBackup>.
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You can increase the TTL value of resource records at the zone level.
information for your type . If a field s type implements the ISerializable interface, don t call the GetObjectData on the field . Instead, call AddValue to add the field; the formatter will see that the field s type implements ISerializable and the formatter will call GetObjectData for you . If you were to call GetObjectData on the field object, the formatter wouldn t know to create a new object when deserializing the stream .
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