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Version 1 .0 is in C:\Windows\Microsoft .NET\Framework\v1 .0 .3705 Version 1 .1 is in C:\Windows\Microsoft .NET\Framework\v1 .0 .4322 Version 2 .0 is in C:\Windows\Microsoft .NET\Framework\v2 .0 .50727 Version 4 .0 is in C:\Windows\Microsoft .NET\Framework\v4 .0 .21006
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Configuring Demand-Dial Routing
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The Interlocked Anything Pattern
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11 Media in Silverlight: Rich Imaging
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To add another delegate to the chain, the Combine method is called again:
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Click the Common tab and select the options you want. For more information, see the section titled Con guring Common Options later in this chapter. Click OK. The new preference items displays in the details pane.
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performed carefully, part of the care being clear documentation. As usual, if documenting becomes too onerous, rewrite the code to reduce the use of global data.
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As for the limitation on sorting the individual inputs, suppose you need to sort each input independently. For example, you want to return orders placed by customer 1 and also orders handled by employee 3. As for sorting the rows in the output, you want customer 1 s orders to appear rst, sorted by orderid descending, and then orders handled by employee 3, sorted by orderdate ascending. To achieve this, you create a column (sortcol) with the constant 1 for the rst input (customer 1) and 2 for the second (employee 3). Create a derived table (call it U) out of the UNION ALL between the two. In the outer query, rst sort by sortcol, and then by a CASE expression for each set. The CASE expression will return the relevant value based on the source set; otherwise, it returns a NULL, which won t affect sorting. Here s the solution query followed by its output (abbreviated):
Part II:
The ListView control also uses templates for the display of data. However, it supports many additional templates that allow for more scenarios when working with your data. These templates include the LayoutTemplate, which allows you to indicate an overall layout inside of which rows of your data will be displayed. The rows themselves are defined with the ItemTemplate. At run time, rows are placed within the LayoutTemplate placeholder identified by a control that has its ID attribute set to itemPlaceholder. Another template is the GroupTemplate, which allows you to define groups of data. You can then set the GroupItemCount value to indicate the number of items in a group, and you can set the control to lay out groups of data and allow users to page through them. The ItemSeparatorTemplate allows you to define content that should be placed between rows of items. This allows you to put graphic separators or other data between rows. The ListView control (unlike DataList and Repeater) also implicitly supports the ability to edit, insert, and delete data by using a data source control. You can define individual templates for each of these scenarios. You can then change the mode of the ListView control through a server-side call and thus invoke the template for the user.
Expression .Blend
Maintaining a Network Infrastructure
Real-time protection runs in the background, always on the lookout for spyware that attempts to install itself or to run. If it encounters spyware (or suspected spyware), it displays an alert, similar to the one shown here:
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