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public throws InvalidAccountNumberException
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[ChildActionOnly] public ViewResult LogOnWidget(LogOnWidgetModel model) { bool isAuthenticated = Request.IsAuthenticated; model.IsAuthenticated = isAuthenticated; return View(model); }
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Entity beans a closer look
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In symmetrical cryptography, both sender and receiver use the same, shared key to encipher and decipher data. This technique can be used effectively to exchange large amounts of secure data. However, the shared knowledge of the secret key in symmetrical cryptography threatens the security of the system. Since the key value needs to be known to multiple parties, the opportunities to have the key fall into the wrong hands increases with the size of the system. Also, the key itself can t be securely transmitted over the network to remote systems to begin a secure dialog.
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cache, but it adds items to the cache as it reads them from the database. In this mode, the effect of hibernate.cache.use_minimal_puts is bypassed, in order to force a cache refresh in a replicated cluster cache. Good use cases for any cache modes except NORMAL and IGNORE are rare. This completes our discussion of the first- and second-level caches in a Hibernate application. We d like to repeat a statement we made at the beginning of this section: Your application should perform satisfactorily without the second-level cache. You ve only cured the symptoms, not the actual problem if a particular procedure in your application is running in 2 instead of 50 seconds with the second-level cache enabled. Customization of the fetch plan and fetching strategy is always your first optimization step; then, use the second-level cache to make your application snappier and to scale it to the concurrent transaction load it will have to handle in production.
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Instantiate Employee instance
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It has a single parent element, zero or more child elements, and any number of attributes, which are stored as an associative array (that is, by a textual key such as width or style rather than a numerical index). Figure 2.3 illustrates the abstract structure of the document shown in listing 2.2, as seen using the Mozilla DOM Inspector tool (see appendix A for more details). The relationship between the elements in the DOM can be seen to mirror that of the HTML listing. The relationship is two-way. Modifying the DOM will alter the HTML markup and hence the presentation of the page. This provides a top-level view of what the DOM looks like. In the following section, we ll see how the DOM is exposed to the JavaScript interpreter and how to work with it.
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* @return the name */ public String getName() { return name; } /** * @param name the name to set */ public void setName(final String name) { = name; } /** * @return the primaryContact */ public Employee getPrimaryContact() { return primaryContact; } /** * @param primaryContact the primaryContact to set */ public void setPrimaryContact(final Employee primaryContact) { this.primaryContact = primaryContact; } //--------------------------------------------------------------------------|| // Overridden Implementations ----------------------------------------------|| //--------------------------------------------------------------------------|| /* (non-Javadoc) * @see java.lang.Object#toString() */ @Override public String toString() { return Customer.class.getSimpleName() + " [name=" + name + ", getId()=" + getId() + "]"; } }
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Well, there s an overload of ToString on each of the numeric types that takes an additional parameter a format string.
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This class can be provided in a separate assembly that s not included with non-Windows Azure instances of your web application and that s not referenced by any of the common layers. As you can see from this implementation, the common layers have no references to any of the Windows Azure SDK assemblies.
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Here, the Callback interface uses an anonymous inner class, the HibernateCallback, which defines only a single method, doInHibernate(). You will always write the body of the method, and then pass the HibernateCallback object to the template, which then executes it. The template handles the resource-management code, leaving you only the task of writing the query logic.
The main goal of the Entity Framework (or EF for short) is to make it easier for your code to work with data in the database. C# objects are quite different in nature than the information stored in a relational database, and the process of managing these differences, and transferring data between these two worlds, is called mapping. (So the Entity Framework is a kind of ORM.) As Figure 14-1 illustrates, mapping happens in both directions. As information is fetched from the database, it is loaded into objects. And if your C# code modifies these objects or creates new ones, you can arrange for the database to be correspondingly updated.
The second issue is the size of the artifacts. If you store every documentation drop, you ll need to consider the amount of hard drive space required.
Figure 13.1 Creating a server administrator account for SQL Azure is easy. This is essentially an SA account in the cloud. You can t leave your password blank.
public interface ICache { T Get<T>(string key); void Add(string key, object value);
The best recommendation we can give you for learning how these plug-ins work (and in case you want to write one yourself) is to study Luke s documentation and especially the various plug-ins source code. Remember, Luke s source code is also available for download from the website. That s all for Luke right now. Luke is your best friend in the full-text query jungle, so use it!
thus throwing a locking exception immediately if the lock can t be obtained.
Creating an RSS widget with a portable area
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