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static void Main(string[] args)
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Notifications and alarms
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Your eyes do not deceive, we are indeed assigning from a condition! The variable sign takes its value directly from the result of the condition that follows. It will acquire the value "Positive", "Negative", or "Zero", depending on the outcome of the condition. How is this happening Let s chant the mantra together, shall we JavaFX Script is an expression language! JavaFX Script is an expression language! JavaFX s conditions give out a result and thus can be used on the right-hand side of an assignment, or as part of a bind, or in any other situation in which a result is expected. Now perhaps you understand why we were able to use conditions directly inside formatted strings or to update bound variables.
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Introducing JPQL
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STYLE_SOLID A solid rectangle surrounding the annotation. STYLE_DASHED A dashed rectangle surrounding the annotation. STYLE_BEVELED A simulated embossed rectangle that appears to be raised
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Database Transactions
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The build files also read in the application server-specific configuration files. These state what features are in the server:
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<project name="MailLogger example" default="test"> <target name="test"> <echo message="hello out there"/> </target> <target name="fail"><fail/></target> </project>
for (Object element : session.createQuery("from " + PaddedNum.class.getName()).list()) session.delete(element); tx.commit(); } finally { session.close(); } } private void buildIndex(FullTextSession session, Transaction tx) { for (int x = INDEX_START; x < numbers.length + INDEX_START; x++) { PaddedNum num = new PaddedNum(); num.setId(x); num.setNumber(numbers[x - INDEX_START]); session.save(num); } tx.commit(); Bridge called on session.clear(); these numbers }
Developing and maintaining large Ajax client codebases Refactoring Ajax JavaScript code Exploring common design patterns used in Ajax applications Using Model-View-Controller on the server side of an Ajax app Overview of third-party Ajax libraries
Upon creating the Document object, you ll define the page size and the page margins of the first page. Either this happens implicitly, as is the case in step B of listing 1.1; or you can define the size and margins explicitly using a com.itextpdf.text.Rectangle object and four float values for the margins as shown here.
The other four lines are gone; they ve vanished...into thin air, as though they never existed. But in this case, it s a good thing. The goal was to have a version of the assembly completely devoid of the undesired code, and that s what happened. To set the fullVersion compiler constant to generate the full version, you include this line at the top of each source code file that includes conditional #If code blocks:
[echo] user.name = erik [echo] user.home = C:\Documents and Settings\erik [echo] java.home = c:\jdk1.3.1\jre
Although the @Interceptors annotation allows you to apply the auditing interceptor easily, it does force you to modify and recompile your class every time you want to remove profiling from or add it to a particular method or EJB. Unless an interceptor is a required part of your business logic, it may not be the best idea to annotate your code; using XML bindings instead might be a better approach. Because the EJB 3.x specification supports partial XML deployment descriptors, it is quite painless and easy to apply an interceptor through XML:
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