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Class SomeClass ' ----- The class itself does not have the generic ' Of clause, so it's not generic. But... Public Shared Sub ReverseValues(Of T) _ (ByRef first As T, ByRef second As T) ' ----- This method is generic with its own Of clause. ' ----- Reverse the contents of two variables. Dim holdFirst As T holdFirst = first first = second second = holdFirst End Sub End Class
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static string Right(string s, int length) { int startIndex = s.Length - length; return s.Substring(startIndex); }
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Getting started with Hibernate Search
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... CreateTestFiles(directories); return directories;
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If you re using CruiseControl.NET, you can configure publishers. These publishers run after the build, gather integration information, and prepare it to be presented to the user. You define the publishers in the CCNet configuration file (found in %ProgramFiles%\CruiseControl.NET\server\ccnet.config for more information, see chapter 4) just after the tasks. They run whether the build was successful or not. By default, CCNet runs an XML Log Publisher to integrate the build output with Web Dashboard (described later in this chapter). You can override the publisher s configuration and use an email publisher, as shown next. Listing 5.2 Email publisher in CCNet
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If the key to the automation of Azure is Hyper-V, then the base VM images and their management are the cornerstone. Images are centrally created, also in an automated fashion, and stored in a library, ready to be deployed by the FC as needed. A variety of images are managed, allowing for the smallest footprint each role might need. If a role doesn t need IIS, then there s an image that doesn t have IIS installed. This is an effort to shrink the size and runtime footprint of the image, but also to reduce any possible attack surfaces or patching opportunities. All images are deployed using an Xcopy deployment model. This model keeps deployment simple. If the FC relied on complex scripts and tools, then it would never truly know what the state of each server would be and it would take a lot longer to deploy an instance. Again, diversity is the devil in this environment. This same approach is used when deploying patches. When the OS needs to be patched, Microsoft doesn t download and execute the patch locally as you might on your workstation at home. Doing so would lead to too much risk, having irregular results on some of the machines. Instead, the patch is applied to an image and the new image is stored in the library. The FC then plans a rollout of the upgrade, taking into account the layout of the cloud and the update domains defined by the various service models that are being managed. The updated image is copied in the background to all of the servers used by the service. After the files have been staged to the local disk, which can take some time, each update domain group is restarted in turn. In this way, the FC knows exactly what s on the server. The new image is merely wired up to the existing service bits that have already been copied locally. The old image is kept locally for a period of time as an escape hatch in case something goes wrong with the new image. If that happens, the server is reconfigured to use the old image and rebooted, according to the update domains in the service model. This process dramatically reduces the service window of the servers, increasing uptime and reducing the cost of maintenance on the cloud.
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Introducing order to Ajax
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Handling of illegal connection management
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You can declare parameters in a bridge declaration. Providing parameters allows the bridge implementation to be more generic. To receive parameters, bridges need to implement the ParameterizedBridge interface. Let s enhance listing 4.4. Listing 4.6 uses parameters injected at declaration time.
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As we ve seen with message-driven beans, a client request is not the only way to start a business taskflow. In addition to listening on incoming messages like MDB, events can be fired based on some timed criteria. EJB handles this via the Timer Service. EJB 3.1 has seen significant advancements to the bean provider s view of the Timer Service with a completely revamped natural-language syntax. This example models a credit card processing operation, which at the beginning of every hour will process all queued transactions. Scheduling the job is done both programmatically via the javax.ejb.TimerService API, as well as declaratively via the @Timeout and @Schedule annotations.
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This code performs the simple yet precise operation of formatting a command, which is sent to the LEGO robot to provide direct control over the motors. A buffer of the appropriate size is declared B. The size for this buffer is dictated by the SetOutputState command, which is one of many commands supported by the robot. Each of the various data elements are carefully provided C in their respective locations. Once the command buffer is formatted, it s written and flushed to the socket D. The response code is consumed as a good measure by the ReadResponse method. As you can see, aside from the specific formatting related to controlling the robot, sending and receiving data with Bluetooth is as simple as reading or writing from a byte-oriented stream. At this point, the sensors are working and the Android device and LEGO robot are communicating. In time, with practice you ll be an expert Android LEGO pilot. The full source code to this application is available for download.
package org.ejb3book.annotations; import java.lang.annotation.*; @Target({ElementType.METHOD, ElementType.FIELD}) @Retention(RetentionPolicy.RUNTIME) public @interface JndiInjected { String value(); }
<target name="build.listener" depends="compile"> <echo>Running "build.listener" target..."</echo> <jar jarfile="${ant.home}/lib/myListener.jar" basedir="${build.dir}" excludes="**/MessagePrinter*.class" /> </target> </project>
} catch (e) { alert (e); } }
Assistance Platform
Java 2 Platform Micro Edition (J2ME) Technology for Creating Mobile Devices, Sun Microsystems, Whitepaper, May 19, 2000. C HA PT E R 15
By default, Hibernate Search uses the standard fetching strategy defined in your mapping. Associations won t be loaded when they re marked as lazy. When an association is marked as eager, the fetching strategy defined in your mapping is used (join, subselect, select). In some cases, your application code will want to navigate through associations marked as lazy in an efficient manner.
Peeking is a way to get the content of a message in the queue without taking the message off of the queue. This leaves the message still on the queue, so someone else can grab it. Many people peek at messages to determine if they want to process the message or not, or to determine how they should process the message. You can see how to peek in this snippet of code:
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