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Listing 6.2 ShoppingCartAccessAspect.java: enforcing access control
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Hibernate is intended to be used in just about any architectural scenario imaginable. Hibernate may run inside a servlet container; you can use it with web application framework like Struts, WebWork, or Tapestry, or inside an EJB container, or to manage persistent data in a Java Swing application. Even perhaps especially with all these options, it s often difficult to see exactly how Hibernate should be integrated into a particular Java-based architecture. Inevitably, you ll need to write infrastructural code to support your own application design. In this chapter, we describe common Java architectures and show how Hibernate can be integrated into each scenario. We discuss how you design and create layers in a typical request/response based web application, and how you separate code by functionality. After this, we introduce Java EE services and EJBs and show how managed components can make your life easier and reduce the infrastructure coding that would otherwise be necessary. Finally, we assume that you re also interested in testing your layered application, with or without managed components. Today, testing is one of the most important activities in a developer s work, and applying the right tools and strategies is essential for quick turnaround times and productivity (not to mention the quality of the software). We ll look at unit, functional, and integration testing with our current favorite testing framework, TestNG. Let s start with a typical web application example.
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Merge the two images Save the resulting image
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Table 3.6 Mapping of exposed join points to pointcut designators Join Point Category Method execution Method call Constructor execution Constructor call Class initialization Field read access Field write access Exception handler execution Object initialization Object pre-initialization Advice execution Pointcut Syntax execution(MethodSignature) call(MethodSignature) execution(ConstructorSignature) call(ConstructorSignature) staticinitialization(TypeSignature) get(FieldSignature) set(FieldSignature) handler(TypeSignature) initialization(ConstructorSignature) preinitialization(ConstructorSignature) adviceexecution()
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the bean class itself. As in our example, if you use the @WebService annotation in the bean class the endpoint interface will be generated automatically. We ll elaborate on the details of this annotation in the next section. We specified that the web service is a document-style web service by using the @javax.jws.SOAPBinding annotation c. We used the @javax.jws.WebMethod annotation to expose the addBid method in the web service d. You can use the @javax.jws.WebResult e and @javax.jws.WebParam f annotations to control the parameter names generated in the WSDL.
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Imports System.Collections.Generic Partial Class Confirm Inherits System.Web.UI.Page Protected Sub Page_Load(ByVal sender As Object, _ ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Me.Load If User.Identity.IsAuthenticated = False Then Response.Redirect("login.aspx") End If Me.Master.PageSubTitle.Text = "Confirmation" If Not IsPostBack Then lbBuyerInfo.Items.Clear( ) If Session("BuyerInfo") IsNot Nothing Then Dim dictBuyerInfo As Dictionary(Of String, String) = Nothing dictBuyerInfo = CType(Session("BuyerInfo"), _ Dictionary(Of String, String)) For Each key As String In dictBuyerInfo.Keys lbBuyerInfo.Items.Add(key + ": " + dictBuyerInfo(key)) Next Else lbBuyerInfo.Items.Add("There is no buyer info.") End If End If End Sub Protected Sub sqlCartConfirm_Selecting(ByVal sender As Object, _ ByVal e As System.Web.UI.WebControls.SqlDataSourceSelectingEventArgs) _ Handles sqlCartConfirm.Selecting Trace.Warn("sqlCartConfirm_Selecting") ' aid in debugging
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AspectJ: syntax basics
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rogramming the iPhone can go well beyond the fundamentals that you learned in part 3 of this book. There are numerous frameworks that can give you access to complex, preprogrammed functionality. Part 4 of this book will highlight some of the most important possibilities. These include accessing data, such as text inputs, preferences, files, databases, and the Address Book (chapter 16); using positioning technologies, including the accelerometers and the GPS (chapter 17); working with media, such as images, movies, and sounds (chapter 18); drawing graphics with Quartz, Core Animation, and OpenGL (chapter 19); and connecting to the internet using URLs, web views, XML, POSTs, and social web technologies (chapter 20).
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LENGTH(string) LOCATE(searchString, stringToBeSearched[initialPosition])
16.2.5 Avoid exposing database IDs wherever possible
Visitor Pattern |
This rectangular example has used a two-dimensional array of integers, and since int is a value type, the values get to live inside the array. You can also create multidimensional rectangular arrays with reference type elements. In that case, you ll still get a single object containing all the elements of the array in all their dimensions, but these individual elements will be null references you ll need to create objects for them to refer to, just like you would with a single-dimensional array. While jagged and rectangular multidimensional arrays give us flexibility in terms of how to specify the size of an array, we have not yet dealt with an irritating sizing problem mentioned back at the start of the chapter: an array s size is fixed. We saw that it s possible to work around this by creating new arrays and copying some or all of the old data across, or by getting the Array.Resize method to do that work for us. But these are inconvenient solutions, so in practice, we rarely work directly with arrays in C#. There s a far easier way to work with changing collection sizes, thanks to the List<T> class.
Creating Your Own Procedures
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